GLO Yakata vs GLO Berekete: Which is better?

This is a question frequently asked by Glo users who want to migrate either from Glo Yakata to Glo Berekete or vice versa, and those who want to switch from other Glo tariff plans to any of Yakata or Berekete tariff plans.


Well, that’s not surprising because switching from one tariff plan to another is something that happens regularly due to the benefits of the new one you want to migrate to. 

Therefore, You’ll want to know the best one for you. However, the availability of lots of tariff plans on the Glo network might get you confused on the one to go for.

Glo YAKATA Tariff Plan is a prepaid plan from Glo to reward its customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

Glo BEREKETE is the service provider’s newest package added to its tariff plan catalog, and as against generally held sentiments of Glo call packages, this one is of immersive value.


GLO BEREKETE replaces Glo YAKATA as the default tariff plan for new customers. This means that all newly activated SIMs as well as new customers on the current YAKATA plan will be provisioned/migrated on BEREKETE.


Each Tariff has benefits that differentiate it or make it similar to the other.



Old & New customers are eligible to enjoy both tariffs, which means there are no restrictions to migrate to the plans.





  • Free 6GB Data for SIX Months
  • 22 Times value on all recharge
  • Free 1st minute to call all networks, every day
  • Unlimited free Glo-Glo Calls
  • SMS at 4NGN per message
  • Bonus Rollover once a new recharge is made



  • Welcome Bonus of 600NGN for new customers who just got their SIM activated
  • 700% Bonus on all recharge
  • Voice Bonus can be used to call all network
  • 150% Data Bonus on the first recharge of the month
  • 100% data bonus on every data plan purchased by a new customer for the first four months
  • Bonus Validity period is 7 days
  • It is the default plan on every SIM




  • Expensive Call Rates
  • Expensive SMS Rate from Bonus Account



  • Expensive Call Rate
  • All SMS will be charged from the main account



Due to the amazing bonus being offered by Glo through these plans, most users do not pay attention to the rates at which they are being charged for calls made to other people. The reality will dawn on a user when the bonus for calls has been exhausted.



  • Glo Yakata call rate is 55k/sec for Glo to Glo calls, and 70k/sec for Glo to other local network calls.



  • Glo Berekete’s call rate is 36k/sec if it is being charged from your main account balance, and 77k/sec if it is being charged from your bonus account.



The Data Plans are the same on every Glo Tariff, so there is no major difference between what is offered on YAKATA & BEREKETE. However, Glo Berekete gives new customers an extra 100% data on every data purchase they make for the first 4 months.





To migrate to Glo Yakata from any tariff, simply dial *455#, and you’ll be instantly migrated to the Glo Yakata tariff plan.



 Migration to Glo BEREKETE Tariff is done by dialing *230#




Both Plans are beneficial to users of Glo with the benefits being offered & Berekete edges it slightly with its cheaper call rate & the data bonus being added for the first four months.

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