She has a Boyfriend but flirts with Me – What to Do


Sometimes the reality is that she is not really flirting with you. You might just be misreading her being friendly as her being flirtatious. It happens, we misjudge social situations all the time. 


Learn to get better at reading these situations and it will help you avoid any embarrassment in the future. On the other hand she might really love you and want you to be in her life other than her boyfriend. There are ways you can handle the situation and both parties won’t be disappointed.

If she’s flirting with you, but she doesn’t really have a crush on you, then your response is easy. Just be respectful, polite, and try to maintain your distance. If she just wants attention, is teasing you, or using you to get back at her boyfriend, you really don’t want to get involved in that mess. 


This is the same response to have if she does have a crush on you, but you aren’t really into her. Just be nice and respectful, and try not to get involved. If she is mature she will understand that you are not interested in her and back off or find a way to talk to her about what you are feeling towards her.


Now on the other hand if she does really like you, and you like her, this is where things get really complicated. You both can give it a try and see if you will be good together.

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