Get Over a Girl You Like: 5 Ways to Get Over Her Quickly

It is a good thing to have a girl you like or love, but the relationship may be over or it never started, and you keep liking her. You are going to keep dragging your life down. I know it is hard to get over a girl you  like, I know how it feels. So let’s talk about how to get over a girl you like and let go of her.

Ways to get over a girl you like;

  • Spend much time with friends and relatives


In this kind of situation, having wonderful and awesome friends is the best, because they will  help you talk about the situation, cheer you up and also help you release some of your sad feelings.


  • Don’t haunt her social media account


Getting over a girl you like is harder if you are looking at her social media account all the time! It will be of good use if you can unfollow her on twitter, unfollow her on Instagram, unfollow her on Facebook, so that you won’t make it harder on yourself.  

  • Do what you love doing


Being busy with all things you love doing is a great way to not even have time for a girl you like.. Do something that won’t remind you of this – whatever you excel at that makes you amazing when you do it. 


  • Meet New people


 Consider meeting and hanging out with new people. There’s no pressure to start dating, of course, but even putting yourself out there and being open to new possibilities can do wonders for healing your heart and giving you hope that you will be able to develop feelings for someone else even if it might not seem like it right now.

  • See a counselor


Seeing a counselor can really help. How do you know if you should see someone? If you’ve been experiencing any of the following for a month or more, it might be time to see a counselor:


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