How To Check Glo Balance

how to check glo balance

Want to know how to check Glo balance? Truly, it’s not what you put into a service/product that counts if not the satisfaction of the consumers. Glo as one of the top 3 service providers in the technology communication sector has proved this right and will continue to do that. With a glance over Glo data plan table, Glo data […]

9mobile Customer Care: 5 Easy Ways to Quickly Contact 9mobile Service Agents


There is no limit to reasons for contacting 9mobile customer care for help. Are you experiencing unnecessary charges/deductions on your 9mobile line or is your subscription not working correctly? For issues like this and other similar ones, you should be contacting a customer care Rep for help. The following are five channels 9mobile customers are using–and that you can use–to quickly get […]

How To Check Airtel Number

how to check airtel number

The main objective of this article is to walk you through how to check your Airtel number. The topic became necessary for us to cover when we discovered it’s one of the major dilemmas Airtel subscribers find themselves in. There are countless reasons not to commit one’s sim number to memory. It could be because it’s not the hotline you’re […]

How to Check Etisalat Data Balance

how to check etisalat data balance

In this article, you will learn how to check etisalat data balance. It is very important to keep a tab on one’s data usage, in other to know how much data has been consumed so far and how much is left. Etisalat which is currently known as 9mobile provide a very fast internet connection and as such, users stay glued […]

How To Retrieve Airtel Number

how to retrieve airtel number

It is very vital  to have one’s missing sim back, as early as possible to avoid missing out on business calls or some other sort of important calls. In this article, you will learn how to retrieve your airtel number.  There is absolutely no limit to the reason to the retrieval of one’s sim card, ranging from loss of possession, […]

How To Check Glo Number

How To Check Glo Number

Want to know your mobile number in Nigeria? If you would ask anybody about how to check Glo number, most people will come up with any of the outdated USSD codes which are no longer valid. And you would have sent about 5 wrong texts to Glo leading to a headache and confusion. Sincerely, with the continuous change in service […]

How To Check Glo Data Balance

In this article, we will simple-guide you on how to check Glo data plan on Android phone, iPhone, and modem easy and fast. Whether you already have a few bucks exchanged for a Glo data plan or you’re about to enjoy Glo data package on your wireless device, your search ends here. We are all screaming it loud consciously and […]

Glo Night Plan

Glo Night plan

In this article, just like we have brought some Glo Nigeria offers to you in the past, we will put to your screen all the best Glo Night plan. Furthermore, you won’t get shut out of the subscription codes and processes as we will give you all the nuggets needed. With a mindset of taking a good place in the […]

Glo Customer Care

glo customer care

Glo is rated the best network for business across this nation. This is a result of their airtime bonuses and low call rates. Also, Glo is known for the cheapest and biggest data plans in Nigeria. And all of this gives it a place among the top 3 service providers in Nigeria. Fiercely, Glo is a pride to its subscribers. […]

Glo Data Plan For Androids and Smartphones

glo data plan

From records, it is undeniable that the green SIM card had been a cause of frustration to its users. With airtime and data service issues witnessed by subscribers in the past, Glo had been struggling in the waters for years. Not until the last two years when hands were brought together by the company for services improvement. And one of […]