Outsource Global’s Staff Emerges Top 20 Best Employee In Nigeria

A vibrant Outsource Global employee – Judith Bavoshiya Daniel enjoyed her proud moment after receiving her recognition as one of the top 20 employees in Nigeria. The Award ceremony held at the annual TAMS Summit welcoming over 500 delegates to celebrate productive employees across various sectors.

Amidst one hundred employees vying for this award, Judith Bavoshiya Daniel was recognized for her commitment, dedication, productivity and dedication to Outsource Global.

In the past years, Outsource Global has created a culture of togetherness and discipline. The rationale behind this is that when employees feel like they fit in, they can focus on delivering their best performances to achieve positive business outcomes.

Judith Bavoshiya Daniel-outsource-global

Speaking on the work culture at Outsource Global, Judith Bavoshiya Daniel, said: “I started working at Outsource global in 2017 where I have an 8-hour workday. These working hours are based on American timing specifically, the Eastern Standard Time(EST). Often times, my work routine spans from 2 pm to 10 pm or 3 pm to 11 pm.” This was said by her during the proud moment.

The nature of the job at Outsource sparks up inner intellect as you become able to do things that seemed strange at a time. Punctuality and time management automatically become an integral habit that translates to other aspects of your life, even outside of the office, she added.

A strong culture of belonging and togetherness also boost Outsource Global’s diversity and work culture initiatives.  Not surprisingly, cultures that give people the chance to foster authenticity at work tend to attract and retain a broader array of people across all demographics, including personalities, experiences, and backgrounds.

Outsource Global takes proactive measures to improve the workplace environment while implementing schemes that help to economically disadvantaged groups in host communities. This is enough reason why Outsource global employee in question – Judith Bavoshiya Daniel, bagged the award.

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