How To Transfer Data On MTN


How To Transfer Data On MTN

Want to know How To Transfer Data On MTN?

Our society is now deeply wedged and dependent on the internet like never before. Social media, gaming, music streaming, binge-watching Netflix, podcasts, sales, websites, YouTube, earning platforms, and the likes. They have all become an integral part of our world and data has become second oxygen, and we tend to use more and more. Unending!


We have imbibed new habits I like to call, Data habits. Our data habits range from always being on the lookout for the best data deals telecommunication companies have to offer, switching from plans to brand for bigger and better deals. We are also looking out for our data balance from time to time so as not to be caught unawares by one of the messages we all loathe:

“Your data plan has been exhausted.”

This is a mood spoiler, and I am sure you will agree.


There is also the pattern of gifting data to our friends, family, and loved ones. This is done by either transferring straight from bank accounts or buying for the recipient from one’s airtime balance.


Ever had huge amounts of data that would expire within a day or two and you are certain that you cannot exhaust it even if you stay up all night binge-watching all four seasons of Money Heist on Netflix? Or a Friend had needed data badly and your bank account and airtime balance were in the red? Of course, you could put on your hotspot for the friend, but what if the fellow was on the other side of the country? Or Your phone was about to die and the friend needed your hotspot for about two hours and there was absolutely nowhere you could charge your phone?


These situations above are plausible and I have experienced the first one

You might have heated about one or two of the scenarios above and might even be able to relate with one of the four scenarios.


However, there could have been a solution at that moment. Curious? Read on!


Did you know you can now transfer data from your MTN line? Shocked? I know!

I was just as surprised as you are right now when I learned of this.


If you were previously aware data could be shared from SIM to SIM, I am positive you would have been wondering how to go about it.


Well, read on as this article deals strictly with How to Transfer Data on MTN.


The MTN gift data.


How To Transfer Data On MTN

Similar to the MTN share and sell, the MTN gift data is a function that allows one to Transfer megabytes from line to line or SIM to SIM, whichever you please.


However, one can only share with another MTN line and not other telecommunications brands.

This way you can share with your mom, dad, brother, sister, friends who use the MTN line and you can also ask them to share you some megabyte if you’re ever in a financial quandary or an unforeseen situation where you cannot find an airtime dealer nearby, or you have no network or airtime balance to buy online.


Far fetched? It will surprise you to learn how often these situations occur. Hence, the gift of MTN Gift Data.


The steps are simple, easy, straightforward and a transaction can be done in under a minute or two. Amazing, isn’t it? I know. Read on to find out the amazing steps:


First, you need a minimum balance of 50 megabytes (MB) of an active data plan and not an expired one or data bonus, please take note. Once you have this, there are three methods by which you can transfer data. The first being the USSD method, the second being the USSD COMBINED and the third being the SMS/TEXT MESSAGING METHOD.



  1. The first thing to do is to dial the USSD, *131#.
  2. Afterward, a plethora of options numbered 1-11 will be displayed on your screen, number 11 being an option for the next page. However, you do not need to move to another page. Scan thoroughly for option 7 which will be in this format:
  • Gift data.
  1. Afterward, click option one, which will be in this format.
  • Transfer from data balance.
  1. Then, you would be asked to enter the phone number of the recipient(that is the person you want to share data with).
  2. Enter the phone number and scan for errors, then click send.
  3. Select the amount of data you wish to send.
  4. Confirm and that is all you need to do to transfer data on MTN


Do note that it is not possible to Transfer more than 100megabyte daily and you cannot transfer more than twice.



Another format is fussing the codes. This is faster than the above. This is simply dialing *131*phone number*mbamount#.


For clarity, it is this format:


*131*08123456789*100mb#. Very easy!



How To Transfer Data On MTN

This is also very simple and straightforward. This for art can also be done in less than two minutes and the format goes as follows:


  1. Enter the recipient of the text message as 131 then input the following details in the message body
  2. Transfer(space) receiver’s MTN phone number(space) Data amount.


             For clarity:


             Message recipient: 131


             Message body: Transfer 08120190753 100


      As simple as learning the alphabet!



How To Transfer Data On MTN


  1. Transferring data plans is completely free, you do not need airtime balance to do so on any of the three methods.
  2. One can only transfer data twice in a day, afterwards, one would be restricted and made to wait till the next day.
  3. One can only transfer a total of 100MB per day. Either at once or together. Afterward, one would be made to wait till the next day
  4. Only active data plans can be transferred on MTN. Expired data plans cannot
  5. A minimum of 50MB is required to perform any data transaction
  6. Bonus data cannot be transferred.



How can you help a friend in need of data If your data balance is zero or you have exceeded your limit for the day?

I am positive you will agree this is a highly relatable question.


You can simply do so by using the MTN gift data! This is also very simple and its steps are not entirely different from the above.


This plan is simply like subscribing for yourself only this time, you are purchasing for a third party who could be your friend, parents, siblings, or even room-mate.



This procedure is very easy and straightforward too. It could be monthly plans or weekly plans or even daily plans, the recipient gets to enjoy all the benefits and even the bonuses that come with it and it all starts by dialing *131#.


  1. Afterward, select option seven which will be in this format,
  2. Gift data
  3. Click that
  4. Then select option 2 which will be in this format
  5. Buy for a Friend
  6. A plethora of options to choose from will pop up on the screen. Make a choice. Either a daily weekly or even monthly plan
  7. Enter the recipient’s MTN phone number
  8. Press OK and you will receive a confirmatory message
  9. The recipient will also receive the data plan. It’s that simple.



How To Transfer Data On MTN

If you’re ever in urgent need of data or a financial quandary at the moment, you can always request data from your friends and family. This also isn’t stressful and can be done in these simple steps.


  1. It all starts by dialing *131#
  2. Select option seven which will be in this format: 7. Gift Data
  3. Select option three which will be in this format
  4. Request from a Friend


  1.  Afterward, you would be asked to input the details of whomever it is you would like to request data from, do so, and confirm.
  2. Almost immediately, you would get a confirmation message in this format,

            “Your request for data from 08123456789 has been delivered”

  1. The friend whom you requested data from will also receive the message request and then using his or her discretion, they would either choose to accept or decline the request made
  2. If they choose to accept the request, they can then go on to purchase data using the steps highlighted above in the section: buying data for a third party on MTN.


In requesting data, you do not need an existing data balance and neither do you need airtime balance to do so. It is entirely free and easily accessible!



Data sharing, though a thing of emergencies can also be used as gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. Either for birthdays, a reward or even Christmas extra presents. Everyone uses Data and you can never go wrong with Data as a gift plan.

The above is all you need to know about sharing data on the MTN network. Now you can go on to put smiles on the faces of your loved ones by sharing the data and also sharing this post.

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