How To Migrate To MTN Pulse – All About MTN Pulse

The main purpose of this guide is to walk you through “how to migrate to MTN pulse”. However, it will cover every other thing you need to know about this MTN tariff plan. Reading till the very last word of this article will make you know what MTN Pulse is, determine how you can migrate, benefits you will enjoy upon migration and many more.


So, let’s roll in real quick…

What is MTN pulse?

It is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy calls with all local networks in Nigeria at 11kobo/sec flat rate after the first 50 seconds call of the day charged at 25k/sec.

Simply put, the call rate to all networks will be pegged at 11k/sec after the first spending of ₦5.50K daily.

This sounds really good, doesn’t it?

I know you want to be on MTN pulse already. So let’s deal with that for now.

How  I migrate To MTN Pulse

To migrate to MTN pulse;

  1. Dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#
  2. Text 406 to 131

It is important to note that migration is FREE, only if it is the first time you are migrating in the last 30 days. Otherwise, you will be charged ₦100 to migrate.

Let me explain with an illustration. If you have been on MTN beta talk since January and you are reading this in February. Migration to pulse will be free. However, if you joined the MTN better talk just last week and you want to join the pulse today. You will be charged ₦100 because your last migration is less than 30 days.

MTN Pulse Message And Call Rate

Obviously one of the reasons for migration is either for a cheap call/ text message rate or data plan.

On MTN pulse;

  • A local call is charged at 11k/sec after the first spending ₦50K daily. That’s ₦6.60K per minute after the first spend of the day.
  • MTN international call rate is applicable for international calls.
  • The text message is charged at $4 per 166 characters.­

Benefits of MTN Pulse

MTN like every other MTN tariff plans comes with an ample of mouthwatering benefits and juicy bonuses. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Low call rate of11kobo per seconds after spending ₦50K daily.
  2. Data bonus. You get a bonus on any of the MTN data plans you choose.
  3. Music streaming at ₦10 per day.
  4. Special Instagram data plans.
  5. Pulse Night browsing option.

How To Opt-out of MTN pulse

Even with all the goodies Pulse has to offer you might want to stop being on the tariff plan. Maybe you hate excessive data bonus or love spending more on airtime. Whatever reason you have, here is how to opt-out of MTN pulse;

Simply dial the code of the new tariff plan you wish to join. See list and code of all MTN tariff plans.

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