How to Link Your NIN to Your MTN Number With Your Phone Number


It has become the norm to link the National Identification Number with your Mobile Number, as stated by the Government of Nigeria. The National Identity Management Commission in conjunction with the Major Players in Telecommunication Industry decided to make it easy for mobile phone users across the Nation.


This was done in order to prevent the disconnection of the majority of the citizens, from the “real world” & the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic due to long queues at registration centers.

Being a stakeholder in the industry, MTN can not be disregarded on issues as this, and it has also worked to provide a way that is easy for its users to do as directed by the Government. 


It is done offline, via USSD which most people expected it to be & online via the portal created for the specific purpose, and we’ve outlined the steps to be taken to get the task executed for you as follow;




Easy as soaking a shirt in a bowl of water, the process of linking your NIN to your phone number via USSD is done by dialing *785*NIN# and waiting for a confirmation message.




Once you’ve gotten the needed data, the name, NIN, Phone Number & Email address available, do as follow;


  • Log on to the MTN NIN Portal
  • Fill in the required details
  • Click on SUBMIT
  • Wait for a message containing an OTP sent to your inbox by MTN
  • Fill in the OTP & confirm


Having a NIN is compulsory in a sane society & linking it to your phone also makes it easy for easy identification whenever the need arises.

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