How To Borrow Airtime From MTN With Your Phone & Pay

Are you out of airtime and stranded to call your family and friends to come to your aid. With MTN Xtra time service, you can borrow airtime and payback when next you recharge. This service allows you to borrow any time you are low on credit.


You can run out of airtime anytime be it in the mid of the night or not close to where to recharge, even the VTU can disappoint, with MTN Xtra time service, you are covered. MTN has provided lots of services that have made life easier for their customers.


For you to be eligible for borrowing credit, there are certain that are put into consideration, your sim must be eligible for the MTNXtra time, you must have used your sim for at least 12 months. Also, your sim must have been recharged a certain amount monthly and the amount you are eligible to borrow depends on how you recharge your sim. The more you recharge your MTN line and the amount determines how eligible the amount you can borrow. 


In fact, you can borrow up to two to three times before your next recharge depending on the limit given to you, once you reach the limit you wouldn’t be able to borrow until you pay for the one you owe.


Another important thing is have no preexisting huge debt from MTN. As said earlier, it is applicable to those on low airtime, to borrow airtime from MTNXtra time, all you need to do is dial *606# on your line, a menu will pop up displaying the amount of airtime you are eligible to borrow, then select the one you want and send.


Note that for every airtime you borrow there is a certain percentage charged, MTN charged 10% for service charged anytime you borrow. For instance, if you borrow #200, you will be credited #180.


With this feature, this service ensures you are never stuck without airtime whenever you need it urgently and it is very easy and fast to use.




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