Code to Transfer Airtime on MTN to MTN Line With Phone Number

Times without number, we’ve been stranded in an area without an airtime seller nearby & having no amount in the bank for a Virtual Top-Up while needing to make an important call or sending that BIG call, thus presenting a situation which no one wants to be in.


The World, at that time, will appear to be against the individual who feels alone on a battleground. To avoid occurrences such as the one cited, MTN, in its capacity as a network service provider brought up an invaluable idea that sits well with all & sundry.

The idea is the Airtime Transfer Option which allows subscribers to transfer to each other, airtime without hassle. This is made easy as the network provider, MTN has generated a default pin for each user on their platform. The user may elect to change it for security purposes, so airtime won’t be lost to anyone who is in possession of the cellphone at any time.


This can be done in multiple ways, through SMS & USSD. Both methods are explained in detail below.




  • Send an SMS with Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, and PIN to 777 e.g, you can send an SMS with ‘Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234’ to 777.
  • Upon sending this message, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm that you want to make the transfer by sending an SMS with ‘YES’ to 777.



This method requires the use of the code specially created for this particular function, it is done by;

  • Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK. e.g dial*777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/OK.
  •  When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful.

Both methods won’t be successful if an incorrect pin is attached to them. The default pin on every MTN Sim is 0000, and can be changed to anyone which you can remember easily.


The mode of changing your transfer pin on MTN is also available in multiple, through SMS & USSD. 


  • Send an SMS with your Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. For example, send an SMS with ‘0000 1234 1234’ to 777.



  • You can also change your PIN by dialing *777*Default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. For example, dial *777*0000*1234*1234# and then send/OK.

Immediately you change your PIN using any of the options above, you will receive an SMS informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.

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