How To Check MTN Data Balance Fast And Easy


Yellow, new/old MTN customer. Want to know how to check MTN data balance? Everyone knows how frustrating it is to run out of data. It’s that feeling of a baby gotten rid of his candies by a bully uncle.  Whether on the dailies, weeklies, or monthlies. We all want to keep track of our data usage time to time. In fact, data usage is kept under watch accurately with your service provider. In the stead of data monitoring apps like;

  • Dataman next
  • My Data Manager
  • Onavo count
  • Onavo Extend
  • Data Usage
  • DataWiz
  • 3G Watchdog
  • Data Monitor

Your (SP) service provider helps to know your data status faster. And what makes MTN your go-to instead of these apps is the former’s free-ness. Yes, you don’t need to waste your data downloading these apps with your hard-earned bucks. So on here, we will push you through the whole thing ASAP. We’ll show you how to keep track of MTN data usage on your iPhone, Blackberry, and Android through;

  • USSD code
  • Message
  • Customer care
  • Email
  • Internet chat

Here, you also learn how to check shared data balance on your Blackberry phone. Just Before you go ahead a read about various means of checking MTN data balance, you might like to read how to buy MTN data.

How To Check MTN Data Balance With USSD Code

Quit getting logged off your favorite online games. Don’t make it your new health haro, you hate it. How about having your offline games downloaded halfway? It sucks, mostly for iPhone users. With this simple code, heartbreaks are forever gone from you.

At least through data subscription issues. So whether an iOS or APK user, here’s how to check MTN data balance via USSD code.

To check your data balance on MTN do the following: Text 2 to 131, or simply dial *559# or text 403 to 131.

  • Dial *559#
  • Press SEND
  • Your progress appears

This code works on Blackberry phones too as long as you’re on MTN.

How To Check MTN data Balance Through Messages

Imagine shuffling around Ahref’s coolest features for your site SEO. You get so absorbed it’s difficult to dog-watch your data bundle level via MTNAPP. In fact, having to open and log into MTNAPP may bite into your precious time. What to do? Send a short message for the fastest data level result from MTN. Here’s the hack;

  • Go to your message box
  • Text 403
  • Send to 131

This method is best used by bloggers and marketers. As these two sets have to spend much time on their online presence. However, it may be used by anyone as it requires less technical know how.

How To Check MTN Data Balance By Customer Care Call

The question most people ask is; what is MTN customer care number? Why? Because with MTN customer care number you speak directly with a representative. Just at the dial of 180, you make a free voice call and get your data details on the go. Sounds “ a pie in the sky”? Dial 180 immediately.

How To Check MTN Data Balance Through Email 

Everyone has a mail address or two and if you don’t , go here. With an electronic mail ID, you can keep an eye on a data bundle balance. Simply send an email to MTN customer care. Unfortunately, this may be a slow method but it works. However, speeding it up is possible by making “Check My Data Balance” your mail title. How about checking via the internet? See below.

How To Check MTN Data Balance Through Online Chat

Would you like to chat with an MTN representative? Go here to sign up for MTN live chat and make your data balance inquiry. Also, download My MTNAPP from AppStore or GooglePlay to access every MTN services anytime. This method is fast but bites a bit into your data.

How To Check MTN Data Balance On Blackberry (BB) Phone

Are you a Blackberry user? Since there’s been a screen of bumps at the fingertips of BB phone users after 2014. See here for more on that. Checking of shared data balance on a BB phone demands a special USSD code; *461*7#.

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