Best MTN Tariff Plan for Data and Calls 2022

As an MTN customer, you are looking forward to joining the winning network provider and you are looking for the best MTN tariff plan for data and calls in 2022. Looking for the best tariff that will give value for your money in terms of bonus for both calls and data.


Over the years MTN Nigeria has continued to raise the bar as the best telecom, they have served their customers well and satisfied their customers when it comes to bonuses for data and calls. When it comes to their high bandwidth network service, it’s second to none.

Though there might be different tariffs that MTN customers used but this tariff has different benefits to each customer but there must be one standing out from others because of its benefits to MTN customers. In this article, our focus we just be on one which is the best so far for MTN users.


If you are looking for the best MTN tariff plans for call and data that you can migrate to, look further no more with MTN Pulse you will get all the benefits you need as a customer. MTN pulse is one of the oldest and most featured tariffs for both calls and data. There are a lot of benefits to enjoy if you are on Pulse tariff and if you are yet to migrate to it, this is the right time for you to so as to enjoy all the goodies MTN pulse has to offer you.


You can simply text 406 to 131 to migrate to the plan or dial *406#, then select 1 which you have successfully migrated to MTN pulse. Another thing to note is that if your current tariff is not up to a month, you be charged a sum of 100 naira but if not it’s free.


Here are the benefits you get when you migrate to MTN pulse;

In terms of the data plan, MTN pulse is only the tariff that allows you to browse through the night between the hours of 12 AM and 5 PM which helps to save your regular data, very affordable and cheap.


Another is that of the day data if you can’t afford a large one, with #300 you will get 750MB, and this last for three days which other tariffs can not do while the 500 naira own to get you 1.5GB which is valid for seven days. To activate this plan, all you need is to dial *406# and pick the appropriate plan you want.


For the call rate, you are only charged 11kobo per second and for every recharge, you make starting from 100 naira, you will get 10 MB same applicable to 200 naira for 20 MB that’s you don’t only make calls at a cheap rate but access to free data to browse.


In addition, there is also the social data plan for MTN pulse customers, for example, the MTN pulse InstaBinge plan for Instagram lovers, all you need is to dial *406# and select InstaBinge to activate the plan.


In conclusion, in order to enjoy more of the MTN pulse tariff plan for call and data, all you need to do is to dial *406# on the lookout for subsequent benefits.

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