15 Business To Start In Nigeria In 2021


Looking for the best BUSINESS TO START IN NIGERIA this 2021?

The main factor to consider before venturing into a business in 2021 is COVID 19.

In 2020, most businesses crashed due to the changes the Coronavirus brought along.

 The world has not completely rid itself of the Coronavirus yet, which is why businesses that seek to be successful need to discover a way to circumvent the CoronaVirus. 

Businesses that thrived in 2020, created for themselves an online business model. If you are seeking to venture into a business during COVID or post COVID, you should take advantage of the internet to comply with the guidelines put in place by the PTF to curb the Virus and to effectively serve clients who have adapted to the online system. 




This article is focused on 15 Businesses to Start in Nigeria in 2021.

This article shall be discussing businesses that are safe to start during the CoronaVirus period and can also be maintained even post Corona.


This article shall also include Businesses you can start from the comfort of your home. Read on.




This group of BUSINESS TO START IN NIGERIA in 2021 is not entirely from home, might require large workspaces and capital that varies from affordable to expensive. However, they are lucrative and are relatively easy to start.

These businesses are ten out of the 15 businesses to start in Nigeria in 2021.


  • Mobile Food vendor
  • Footwear production
  • Skincare line
  • Cuniculture 
  • Production of hand sanitizers
  • Uber
  • Interior decoration
  • Photography
  • Software/App development
  • Event management. 


Mobile food vendor.


In starting up a business, you can never go wrong with food even if you have minimum business experience or expertise. With a lot of dining places closed due to the measures put in place by the PTF to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, mobile food is shooting up in demand. 

To venture into this, there are two major ways to go about it.


  1. Food Truck: You could purchase a van or turn your Jeep into one and find a specific time and locations in your city to sell your products.


  1. Home delivery: You could take yours up a notch by delivering food to homes, offices, and even schools.


Footwear Production.


Have you ever noticed that an outfit isn’t complete without a shoe to match?

Footwears are just as important as the main outfit and recently, there has been a surge in demand for handmade footwear.

To begin this business, you do not necessarily need to know how to make footwear. Although knowing how to is an added incentive, you could hire footwear makers to join your brand.

Before starting up, brand hype is necessary. This can be done through hiring a digital marketer, the use of influencers and public figures to help hype your brand.

You could also have your place, create an online shop, or employ both for best results.


Skincare line.


Skincare is another business you can start in Nigeria in 2021. There are three major ways of doing this:


  • Your brand: There is a rise in the demand for organic skincare. You can start up your skincare brand simply by learning how to create these products and getting them certified for sale by NAFDAC.
  • Affiliate Marketing for Bigger brands: There are already bigger brands in the skincare market you could attach yourself to and get a worthy percentage for every product sold. These brands also build a profitable network. Some of these brands are Oriflame and Longrich.
  • Skincare consulting services: If you studied dermatology, you could set up your brand to be a skin consultant for people with skin issues and also sell products to your clients.




Cuniculture is the practice of rearing and breeding rabbits for their fur, meat, or even as domestic pets.  


To venture into cuniculture, you need about forty-five thousand nairas at a minimum and a hundred thousand nairas at a maximum. 

Rabbits are not low maintenance and they are not necessarily high maintenance either. They stay somewhere in the middle and are highly lucrative due to their multiple uses and the rates at which they reproduce.

You may not need large areas of land as your rabbit farm could be just behind your house.


Production of hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizers and face masks have become an inherent part of our world. Venturing into the production or sales of hand sanitizers isn’t taking risks in the business world as there is already a market for the product. 


Production can be done in your home or a warehouse and the product can be distributed through a system of couriers, to banks, pharmacies, retailers, schools, resellers, churches, and even supermarkets.


You could also hire marketers to sell the products either by pitching to supermarkets or even selling them in traffics to motorists and pay per commission.


All you need to do is to learn how to make the products, certify your product for sale by NAFDAC, build a brand strategy, and sell!



Turning privately owned cars from liabilities into assets isn’t entirely new underneath the sun. 


A good business to start in the year 2021 would be the transportation business. 

If you do not wish to go solo, you could affiliate yourself with transportation brands that have already made a name for themselves. 


The good news is these brands are always looking for new vehicles and drivers. All you need to do is to sign up for one of them.


Interior and Exterior Decoration.

The market for interior and exterior decorations is vast!

Homes, workplaces, and even hotels often seek to make their interior impeccably one of a kind. 


To go into interior decoration, you should take a three to six-month course on the aforementioned subject, find your capital, build, hype, and expand your brand.


However, this line of business might require a lot of connection to be as successful as it should be. You could work under an interior and exterior decorations company for a while before going solo.

 For this business, you would require a team, a workplace, and a warehouse for storing interior and exterior props.



This is another BUSINESS TO START IN NIGERIA this 2021. Well-taken pictures are nonnegotiable about making a moment memorable. 

Pictures for weddings, birthdays, marriage proposals, christenings, etc are the new normal.


If you are seeking to go into business in the year 2021, Photography might be one of the frontiers you might want to explore. 


Photography is highly lucrative, a photoshoot of four pictures only could go for a sum of ten thousand nairas!


To venture into this, you might need to ease yourself out of the making money idea and invest the money instead, by learning from a pro; apprenticeship.


If you are a fast learner, under six months, you should be able to take, edit, and even Photoshop pictures yourself. 


Software and App development.

Every business needs an app or a website. You cannot go wrong by learning this skill and then monetizing it.


 Setting up websites for small and large-scale businesses on its own is profitable, but then you could take it a step further by managing the website for a couple of months on paid contracts.


Apart from websites, you could set up blogs for intending bloggers, initiatives, and even NGOs


Then for the main deal, app development. This would most likely be for larger businesses who will of course pay good money for good services.


Event management.

Another business you could venture into in the year 2021 could be event management.


This is the services of planning and setting up events for companies, hotels such as business or product launch as well as parties like weddings, funerals, or birthdays.


This business is more of a post-COVID business, however, in the year 2021, you could learn the know-how and why of the business and set up your brand as soon as the pandemic subsides.



This category of 15 Businesses you can start in Nigeria in 2021, deals with the business you run from the comfort of your home. A couple of these businesses are online and some are a blend of online and the traditional. 

These businesses include:


  1. Online reselling
  2. Copywriting
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Translation and transcription
  5. Dropshipping


Online reselling.

This is the practice of buying goods that vary from food to clothes, shoes, or even appliances either from local dealers or through mini importation and reselling either in an online store or through the use of social media like Instagram and Whatsapp.

This business is relatively easy to begin and might not even require a lot of capital.



Copywriting is a high-income skill and is also high in demand. Businesses require the services of a copywriter to help write ad copies so they can sell their products.

To become a copywriter, first, you need to learn the art and then put it into practice by either teaching people the art of copywriting for a fee, scouting for jobs on marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork, or getting gigs from business owners.


Digital marketing.

This is a type of marketing that involves the use of the internet and online resources to sell products, generate traffic to a blog or website via SEO best practices. 

This can be done simply with the use of a desktop and internet in the comfort of your home. This can be combined with content writing. Content writers with knowledge of SEO often have advantages over those who do not.


Translation and Transcription.

If you have a keen ear, an eye for detail, and have a mastery of various languages, you could start up a transcription and translation business. 

The market for this kind of business is often in online workplaces and all you require is a laptop and a good internet service to scouting for and complete jobs. 


Within a short period, you might need extra hands-on board and you could simply hire more workers and start your brand!



Dropshipping, simply put is sourcing for products consumers need, sourcing for the products, and having them delivered. A drop shipper is simply a middle man between the consumers’ needs and the suppliers/marketers’ sales.  


This business can be done simply from the comfort of your home. To venture into this business, you need not worry about how to deliver the product as that is the job of the supplier. Yours is connecting them, charging the consumer the product fee, delivery fee, and your service fee, discharging the supplier’s percentage, and keeping yours.



Which Job can I start with 20k? 

With 20k, you could begin a mobile food vendor business and watch it expand within months.


What businesses are high in demand? 

In Nigeria, the following businesses are in high demand: cuniculture, a skincare line, hand sanitizer production, digital marketing, food business, and software and App development.


How can I make 5000 a day? 

You can make 5000 a day by first investing in a business. The business you can make 5000 from daily include Uber, food business, hand sanitizer sales, and copywriting.


What should I invest 100k in Nigeria? 

You could invest in Cuniculture, livestock, skincare, or food business.


What is the best business to start in Nigeria? 

The best business to start in Nigeria is one that is high in demand these include, the fashion industry, food industry, digital industry, or agricultural industry.

What is the fastest growing business in Nigeria?

Apart from oil and gas and telecommunication, the food industry and digital industry are fast catching up, and as such both are referred to as one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria.

What business can I start with 1 million Naira?

With one million Naira, you could begin your interior and exterior decorations brand, go into retail selling of food items, production of hand sanitizers, or breeding of livestock like chicken.

Which businesses are much profitable in Nigeria?

Profitable businesses are businesses that require minimum start-up and yield maximum profit. A couple of businesses like that are online Businesses like Software and App development, copywriting, digital marketing, and high in demand products like Food business, cuniculture, and sale of Hand sanitizers.



If starting up a business is one of your new year resolutions, you have a superb one. I hope this article would help you and inform your choice. 


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