How To Load Airtel Card on Your Phone 2022

Recharging Your Phone through your SIM card should never be a problem in this age, but it is needed for anyone who just got a new SIM after deciding to ditch other Network Service Providers.


There are numerous options when it comes to recharging a cellphone which makes it one of the easiest things to do on the surface of the Earth. Getting airtime from the seller is probably the one everyone got used to while growing up before Banks came up with USSD & Mobile Apps to relegate that to the background.

Despite the availability of these “modern methods” of recharging your phone, many among us still love the one we grew up identifying with, which is the pattern of buying airtime & loading it via the USSD provided by the network operator.


In this article, we focus specifically on ways to recharge your AIRTEL Sim, the old & new ways.




Recharging via USSD is only possible when you have the airtime you want to load with you or probably have written the code in a jotter, before dialing it alongside the USSD Code provided by the network service provider.



  • Get the airtime ready
  • Dial *126* followed by the 15 or 16 digits on the airtime sold to you in the format *126*AIRTIME DIGITS# e.g *126*01234567891011#
  • If the code is valid/unused, you will receive a message indicating a successful transaction




This deals with the choice of the user, as it may be the popular top-up via Banks Mobile App, USSD provided by Banks, Apps provided by the network service provider, private VTU Apps, or websites that offer services such as this.


Recharging Your Mobile has been made stress-free for Mobile users across the country, and the methods listed above will surely help in doing that.

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