A Quick Guide to Food Shipping and Logistics in Nigeria

Food Shipping and Logistics; A Step-by-Step Guide

The Food Logistics Market has experienced huge growth over the years with many businesses reaping the rewards from services offered by firms–including Terminal Africa Inc.–that are experts in the field.


Three Years ago, the value of the market exceeded the $ 100 billion mark and it is expected to hit $110 billion or more according to experts’ predictions.


The aforementioned will forever be stories to those that don’t understand food logistics which plays an invaluable role in ensuring that the manufacturing, transportation, and delivery of food are done effectively to meet consumers’ demands.


To aid learning and understanding of the market, this complete guide has been crafted for you to thrive in the business.


What is Food Logistics?

Food Logistics is the process of planning, organizing, and executing the transport, storage, and handling of food along the entire supply chain without compromising the quality and freshness of the products.


It helps businesses cut costs, reduce waste and ultimately increase profits through some crucial steps which include:


  • Food Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Distribution


Food Manufacturing 

The first step in the supply chain is food manufacturing which refers to the processes and activities related to transforming raw ingredients into consumption products.


Food Manufacturers are to ensure the products meet quality and safety standards before Logistics come into the picture.

Logistics ensure proper planning and execution of each level of the supply chain.

Food Packaging

Food packaging refers to how food items are enclosed to protect them from tampering or contamination from physical, chemical, and biological sources.

It can be packaged in trays, bags, boxes, cartons, wrappers, cans, and flexible packaging & Terminal Africa Inc. pays huge attention to packaging items to be transported to the agreed destination safely.


Food Transportation is the planning and coordination of the movement of food products from one location to another through different modes. All mini importation businesses in Nigeria, including those in sectors such as food and beverage, have opportunities to export to USA and other countries across the world through different modes such as Trucks, Airplanes, Ships, and Trains



The last in the series, and it is firmly in the hands of the shipping company–Terminal Africa Inc.–which ensures that the goods make their way to the final destination which is quite often the markets.


Strategies to be Considered in Food Logistics in Nigeria

For businesses in the food industry, effective food logistics is crucial and can impact everything from customer’s satisfaction and profitability.


There are some strategies that can be implemented by players in the industry and they are:


  • Collaboration with Partners and Suppliers

The aim of the collaboration or partnership is to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Businesses can manage their inventory levels, improve product quality and reduce lead times by working hand-in-hand with suppliers.

Collaborating with Terminal Africa Inc. as your Logistics Partner offers an invaluable benefit which is the optimization of delivery routes and reducing transportation costs. 


  • Investing in Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics is a temperature-controlled supply chain comprising refrigerated production, and storage distribution facilities supported by equipment that can constantly maintain the required low-temperature range. The aim is to retain the products’ quality and freshness, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Technology

Technology plays a key role in tracking inventory levels, managing supply chain processes, identifying potential issues and taking corrective action. Technology can also be used to automate management, shipping and delivery to streamline your operations and reduce errors.


Terminal Africa Inc. places much importance on the growth and satisfaction of customers/partners and this has endeared the company to the hearts of several businesses.

This guide is for you, and it is hoped that you found what has been missing in your quest to get your products to buyers hassle-free.

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