Benefits of Okra Water for Weight Loss & Belly Fat

Okra as a vegetable and in the form of okra water has multiple benefits. Raw okra is 90% water, 2% protein, 7% carbohydrate and is negligible in fat. It is rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin C,  Vitamin K, some amounts of thiamine, folic acid and magnesium.

How to prepare Okra Water for Weight Loss 

To prepare okra water for weight loss is just an easy thing. The best okra pods to use for this purpose are the ones with smooth and soft ends. Cut the okra pod into a small bit, and then soak the bit into the water. Soak them in for a time frame of about two to three days. After that, squeeze the bit to get the mucilage in those pods to blend with the water.


 Benefits of Okra Water for Weight Loss



  • Digestion


The slimy substance of Okra which contains insoluble fiber, helps in the smooth movement through the gut and eases constipation.


  • Cancer

 Being rich in folic acid, it helps in cancer prevention.


  • Reduction of sugar level in the blood


Okra Water is a low-carb diabetes fighting drink. Okra seeds contain alpha-glucosidase enzymes and its gum contains insoluble fiber. They prevent the release of sugar in the bloodstream by inhibiting the carbohydrate metabolizing enzyme. This helps in slowing down the rate of digestion, thus resulting in delayed absorption sugar in blood, keeping your blood sugar from rising too fast


Other benefits of Okra Water in our system include lowering blood cholesterol, regulation of the female’s menstrual cycle, prevention of stroke & hear diseases.


How to prepare Okra Water for Belly Fat


To prepare okra water for belly fat. Take the fresh okra and soak it inside water for three days and then take the water from the okra and filter it to be somehow jelly in nature. 


How to use Okra Water for Belly Fat


This is a simple way of reducing the belly. Take a teacup of this water morning and night. By the time you use it for like seven days the belly would have been reduced. If you see it gives you negative change, you can just stop it for a period of time.      


There are so many usefulness of okra water for the body, and some have been highlighted above. Take advantage of nature for your wellbeing today.









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