10 Ways To Improve Your Manpower Naturally


Lack of good performance in bed has led lots of people into depression due to the complaints they get from their partners and this has left them physically and mentally affected. Most men have been searching for ways to satisfy their partners in bed. Buying pills from the pharmacy has failed a lot of them. The following are the natural ways you can improve your sexual performance in bed.


Regular exercise is one of the way you can improve sexual performance on bed. It help to regulate the blood flow and keep the heart in shape. 20-30 minutes of exercise per day will help improve your performance in bed.


Consumption of Vanilla

Eating dishes where vanilla as the main constituent  will be a wise decision to enhance sex power, it really helps to improve sexual performance and the potential is really high.


Reduce Alcohol Intake

Extremely intake of alcohol reduce manly hormone. Men should reduce the intake of alcohol to be able to perform extremely good in bed.


Intake of Banana

Bananas are rich in potassium which helps to reduce the blood pressure. High blood pressure can result to low sexual performance. Therefore, adding banana to your diet will definitely improve your sexual performance.


Citrus Fruits

These fruits has high amount of antioxidant, folic acid and vitamin C. Intake of citrus fruits has high effect on improving your sexual performance. Examples of these fruits are Oranges, Lemon, Grape fruit etc.



Ginger increase the flow of blood to the sex organs. Regular intake of ginger has enough potential to increase the sex power of a man. Regular intake also improve the libido.


Reduce Stress

Stress can affect all areas of your health, including your libido. Stress increases your heart rate (in the bad way) and increases blood pressure. Both of these are damaging to sexual desire and performance. Reduce stress to be active on bed.


Kick Off Bad Habits

What you rely on to unwind, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, could also affect sexual performance. Stimulants narrow blood vessels and have been linked to impotence. Cutting down or quitting smoking is one of the first steps to improve performance.

Replacing bad habits with healthy ones, such as exercise and eating well, can help boost sexual health.


Get More Sun

Sunlight stops the body’s production of melatonin. This hormone helps us sleep but also quiets our sexual urges. Less melatonin means the potential for more sexual desire. Getting outside and letting the sun hit your skin can help wake up your sex drive, especially during the winter months when the body produces more melatonin.


Pay Attention To Your Patner

Sex isn’t a one-way street. Paying special attention to your partner’s desires not only makes sex pleasurable for them, but it can also help turn you on or slow you down. Talking about this beforehand can help ease any awkwardness if you need to slow down during a heated moment.


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