How to Transfer & Share Data from GLO to GLO Line With USSD

Globacom, also known as GLO is popular among Teens, Adults, and Business Minded People for its affordable data plans The Latest in its efforts in making every user of the GLO Network have a taste of its Packages is the Data Sharing option.

This allows for 2 or more users to benefit from a Data Plan which has been subscribed to instead of the usual pattern of WiFi & Hotspot on Mobile Phones or subscribing to multiple plans at a time.


It can be done offline and online, but the offline method is what we are explaining in this article.



  • The first step is to subscribe to a plan because the Data Sharing option will never work without an active Data Plan
  • After the subscription has been confirmed and activated, there are two ways to share the plan with other users offline.




To share data with another GLO Subscriber, Dial *777# 


  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 4 – Share Data
  • Select 1 – Share
  • Enter Subscriber’s number and you will be notified if it is successful or not.




To share data with other users, dial *127*01*USER NUMBER# OR send “Share USER NUMBER” to 127


To view the list of people sharing your data with you, dial *127*00# OR send “LIST” to 127


If you are trying to remove a subscriber from enjoying your data, the code to use is *127*02*USER NUMBER# OR send “Remove USER NUMBER” to 127.


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