How to Transfer Airtime from GLO to AIRTEL Network in 2022

More often than not, we’ve been stranded in an area without an airtime seller nearby & having no amount in the bank for a Virtual Top-Up while needing to make an important call or sending that life-changing message, thus presenting a situation that no one wants to be in.


The odds are surely against us, and to avoid occurrences such as the one cited, network providers brought up an invaluable idea that sits well with all & sundry.


The idea is the Airtime Transfer Option which allows subscribers to transfer to each other, airtime without hassle. This is made easy as each network provider, has generated a default pin for each user on their platform. The user may elect to change it for security purposes, so airtime won’t be lost to anyone who is in possession of the cellphone at any time.


Transferring airtime from one number to another saves time & stress and may prove invaluable in the long run.

This post is for people who have always asked about transferring airtime from GLO to AIRTEL and answer their questions to make known to them the process to go through when trying to execute the task.


I am happy to provide the answer for everyone with the question at the back of their mind and clear any doubt about getting it done as NO. It is not & probably will never be possible to get an airtime transfer from a GLO number to an AIRTEL number.


The best option will be to recharge for the other party through your bank or get airtime from the Vendor.

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