How To Share Glo Data

Did you know how to share Glo data? Hands down! Alright, so you’ve got the superpowers to cram all of the subscription codes and migration codes without forgetting any of them. But what if you get caught up with your wallet? I mean one of those days when you’re out of cash or stranded. Well, and well, you can easily tell a friend to top you up. But when he’s also out of airtime but with data, you two can share his data without affecting the speed of his or yours browsing. And if you’re a generous giver, and you find it stressful topping up your friends, you can just share your own current data subscription. Just use the guide below.

How To Share Data On Glo With USSD Code

Sharing data on Glo using USSD code is easy. All you need to do is add the person you want to share your data with to your browsing network by doing this:

  • Dial *127*number*01#.
  • For example; if you want the number 09042665392 to use your data, dial *127*09042665392*01#.
  • Know that you can add as much number as you want. It’s your data.

What if you need to stop someone from using your data? Not shabby.

  • Dial *127*number*02#. So, if you need to remove 07015725645, dial *127*07015725645*02#.

How To Share Data On Glo With SMS

It’s as easy as the USSD code. And you can add someone or stop anybody from sharing that data with you. See here.

  • Send share (number) to 127 if you want to share data with anybody.
  • For example: if you want the number 08161128753 to use your data send share 08161128753 to 127
  • Send Remove (number)  to 127 to stop anybody from using your data.
  • Example: Remove 09123456789 to 127.

The methods highlighted above are tested and confirmed. They are equally verifiable on Glo official website.

That’s it! You may want to look around for more info about Glo and other networks right here right now.

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