How to Check GLO Night Data Balance for Free in 2022

This post will be about how you can check your GLO data balance for free in 2022, as we all know that Glo is the grandmaster of data. They have been on the lead when it comes to data plan which is the cheapest and most affordable, same with the night plan, and has really been beneficial for their customers.

If you are someone like me that likes to conserve her monthly plan for the day, while I use the midnight plan for other things, with very strong network coverage, it is the best network. If you like cheap data, then you’ll surely love the Glo night plan.


Over the years, Glo has been able to maintain as the telecommunication that provides you with the most affordable data as well as gives value for your money and does not place you on any condition. They will always feel at rest whenever you subscribe to any of their data packages.


Although there are different ways that you can check your Glo night data balance, it helps to keep track of your data usage, so as not to use your main data while browsing through the night. The Glo midnight data works between the early hours of 12AM and 5 PM which can be used for streaming video, downloading, and a lot more as you wish.


Here are the three ways for checking your Glo midnight data balance this step works perfectly for anyone that wants to use it;


  • By simply dialing *127*0# and press enter while it brings out the balance.
  • You can also dial *777# and select the check balance option.
  • Another option is sending INFO to 127.


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