How To Check Glo Balance

Want to know how to check Glo balance? Truly, it’s not what you put into a service/product that counts if not the satisfaction of the consumers. Glo as one of the top 3 service providers in the technology communication sector has proved this right and will continue to do that.

With a glance over Glo data plan table, Glo data subscription codes, data packages and other offers enjoyed by the Glow network subscribers, it is obvious that Glo truly worth the hashtag #Glow_with_pride.

However, since there are so many codes bouncing about, it’s important to know the exact Glo code for checking airtime balance. Isn’t it? We have got you covered on that. I mean right here, we will put how to be at the top of your airtime balance in your palm right away.

How To Check Glo Balance With USSD

 Follow this easy guide below to check your airtime balance on Glo.

  • Click on your dialer
  • Dial *124*1#
  • Wait patiently for a message from Glo
  • The message contains your Glo balance information
  • Alternatively;
  • Dial #124# after the prompt, then, press 1 to check the balance

Have you ever been cut off the line on a precious on-phone conversation due to airtime-exhaustion? Alright, we know there are so many Glo plans with flat call rate around the Network system but nothing last forever. Even the so-called unlimited Glo data plans do not last forever.

if you can’t stop your airtime from running out, you can keep watch of it to prevent heartbreaks especially when you need to make an important call. However, you don’t need to go through a lengthy process to check your Glo airtime balance. Above is a simple walkthrough on how to do it with USSD code.

How To Check Glo Balance Through Customer Care

Do you find it hard remembering the code for checking airtime balance on Glo? If you are tired of reciting the code often and often, then you can just call Glo customer care to confirm your airtime balance. Just dial 121 or 200.

How about checking Glo bonus balance? Simple, just dial #122# and you’re on track.

Be confident in the information so provided above. the guide is put up after thorough research and confirmation from glo official website. 

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