How to Change Transfer Pin on GLO

Airtime Transfer between mobile users has become a common occurrence in Our Country, Nigeria and it is surely here to stay for a long time. All Network Service Providers provide this option for their subscribers, and that means GLO isn’t left out of the conversation.

Sometimes, we may be in a situation that is uncomfortable & probably need to top up the phone before making a call but find it hard. Airtime Transfer from Loved Ones will surely be a good way to get one over the stumbling block.


GLO has a unique code for making airtime transfers coupled with the default pin that has been created for each SIM, but the pin may be changed for security and privacy purpose so as to prevent the incessant transfer of airtime by anyone who gets hold of your mobile.

The default pin that comes with each SIM is 00000 and can be changed using the format *132*OLD PIN*NEW PIN*NEW PIN# e.g *132*00000*12345*12345#

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