Code to Unshare & Stop Sharing Data on GLO Network in 2022

Every subscriber on the GLO Network is eligible to share Data Plans with other Users on the GLO line, it is a great idea as it makes data available to multiple people at all times.

As nice as it sounds, the user who is a beneficiary may be using the Data with reckless abandon, and that may not sit well with whoever is the sharer, so, the need to unshare will surely arise.


Other Users may have added themselves to the list of beneficiaries without your consent, and you will need to activate the delete option once this has been discovered. 


As it is regularly uttered, there is no problem without a solution, that is why GLO provided the Unshare option in case it is needed. It can be done in two ways;




Dial *777# and follow the prompt as stated below


  • Select 1 – Buy Data
  • Select 4 – Share Data
  • Select 2 – Unshare




Dial *127*02*USER NUMBER# OR send “Remove USER NUMBER” to 127


Lastly, Always remember to check the list of people using your data with the code *127*00#.

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