How To Check Glo Number

Want to know your mobile number in Nigeria? If you would ask anybody about how to check Glo number, most people will come up with any of the outdated USSD codes which are no longer valid. And you would have sent about 5 wrong texts to Glo leading to a headache and confusion. Sincerely, with the continuous change in service structure and offers validation, it takes being around Glo daily so as not to get left in the past. Nevertheless, this is not as good as it gets as long as we’re still here to bring the Glo world closer to you.

We are pledged to feeding your networking experience with undiluted information. If you look around here, you will be able to get around with all the hacks needed to GLOw with pride. We have published on Glo data plan, how to check Glo data balance, Glo night plans, and more interesting topics like Glo subscription codes and migration codes. And finally, here we are bringing to your screen how to check Glo number easy and fast. Plus… for free.

How To Check Phone Number Using USSD Code

Many a Glo subscriber still think they need to be geeks to check their phone numbers. Well, that’s not true. In fact, it takes just a one time call and before you could say Glo is great your phone number would have become known to you. You don’t believe it, right? Here’s an easy guide to check Glo number whether an old or new SIM card. It doesn’t, in fact, have anything to do with the Glo tariff plan you’re on. See below.

  • Jump on your Dialer by clicking on the dialer icon on the home screen of your phone
  • Dial 1244 without * or # as used when checking your Glo data plan with USSD code
  • Press SEND and wait patiently for a voice from Glo
  • The voice will dictate your Glo phone number to you fast and free
  • You may need to write it in a book if you forget things easily
  • Also, saving it up on your contact list will save you from losing your phone number

How To Check Glo Number Online

Instead of the above method, you may also check your number on Glo official page.

Easy, right? Look around on here for more information on Glo.

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