How To Check Glo Data Balance

In this article, we will simple-guide you on how to check Glo data plan on Android phone, iPhone, and modem easy and fast. Whether you already have a few bucks exchanged for a Glo data plan or you’re about to enjoy Glo data package on your wireless device, your search ends here.

We are all screaming it loud consciously and unconsciously that Glo is among the greatest of all time in the communication industry. With all the browsing and airtime offers available on Glo official page, the inevitability of an increase in subscription codes and migration codes is obvious. How then do you get all the hacks within reach without having them sinking in and evaporating from your head? That is what we are here for, to keep your technology updates alive.

We will show you how to be in touch with your internet browsing time progress with these four easy methods:

How To Check Glo Data Balance With USSD Code

How to check Glo data plan on an Android phone with USSD code is easy. Though most people find it hard knowing codes offhand but not for shortcodes of three numbers enclosed in the popular * and # characters. According to what we found out, checking your data balance with USSD code is the most successful method, because it works even when your phone is at its lowest signal strength of Edge or 2G. Also, it works perfectly on both high-end and low-end phones. So if you want to know how to check Glo data balance on iPhones or Android phones successfully anytime anywhere, here’s how to do it with codes.

  • Simply go to your home screen
  • Click on your dial button
  • Press *127*0#
  • Send

Easy and fast. Glo sends you your internet browsing data usage and validity. Here’s another method below.

How To Check Glo Data Balance with SMS

Texting is easy and it takes about 7 clicks to hop through the stairs to see how far you’ve gone with a data subscription on Glo. The question most people ask his; do I get charged for the SMS I send to Glo? No. Glo doesn’t charge you a dime. So you can check as much as you want without the worries of biting into your airtime. Even if you have 0.00 in your airtime balance or nothing at all in your data balance, you can still confirm your Glo browsing plan in seconds. See how below.

  • Go to the create message icon of your phone
  • Text INFO to 127

And get all the information about your data sent to you via SMS.

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How To Check Glo Data Balance On The Internet

While this is not the fastest method, but you can still have an overview of your data subscription on the net. Note that you need to have data on your phone to use the internet so this may not be ideal if you’re out of data.

How To Check Glo Data Balance With Another Code

We’ve just found out that most people are not aware of this method. And it will become handy when you can’t use the other method shown above. Just dial *777#. Then follow the step by step guide sent to you from Glo to check your data info.

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