Glo Data Plan For Androids and Smartphones

From records, it is undeniable that the green SIM card had been a cause of frustration to its users. With airtime and data service issues witnessed by subscribers in the past, Glo had been struggling in the waters for years. Not until the last two years when hands were brought together by the company for services improvement. And one of the obvious improvements so far can be perceived from all the latest Glo data plan.

Yes. Glo is currently steadily meeting up with the rapid rate in the industry with amazing data offers. Creating a new turnaround for the company since late 2017. In addition, Glo subscribers are currently happy and proud of staying on the Network with all the bonuses and life-benefiting services rolling out day by day. However, a tiny percent are yet on the other side of the green pasture. So, the question now is; how do you enjoy Glo data plans wherever and whenever? Take a deep breath in and out to literally watch us put you through how it’s done. Because on this post, whether a newbie or an old subscriber, you are leaving with a complete understanding of Glo data subscription. Below is an overview of what you’re working away with after reading this post:

Glo Data Plans Overview

Here is our honest review of Glo data packages. The current 3G and 4G LTE is reasonably fast and you can almost have a better browsing experience than on other networks if you’re in an environment with high signal strength. Adding to that, the plans are budget-friendly and flexible to fit your budgets whether large or small. The coolest feature so far is Glo always micro that allows every prepaid plan user to browse with 1.6GB data for #1000. There are also the larger packages of 3.2GB to 48GB for your high budget weeks. Also, there is the 5.75GB data up for #2500 and a 10GB of #4000, both of which comes with the same loading speed. See below all the details including how to subscribe to Glo data plans.

Glo Data Plan Subscription Codes And Prices And Other Features

Browsing the Net just got easier and you can proudly flash your green card at anyone today. Just like Glo’s saying goes: GLOw with pride. So these are the data plans to keep you GLOwing.

  • Glo Always Micro Data Plan

This plan puts in your palm the magic to browse the Net with 1.6GB data\ for as low as #1000. Download loads of music and Videos faster than you can ever do in the past. Check out how to subscribe to Glo Always Micro below:

  • Simply text 53 to 127
  • Or you can just dial *127*53# to enjoy this offer for #1000

This plan has validation of 30 days,  same for the ones that follow below.

  • Glo My Phone Data Plan

Staying on Glo My phone data plan of 3.65GB costs nothing less or more than #2000. And according to many subscribers, it gives a fast browsing experience just like Wi-Fi The loading speed is considerably speedy as well. However, we are yet to confirm if this plan can be rolled over the next month after the 30 days of validation. See how to subscribe to my phone data plan down here.

  • Simply text 55 to 127
  • Or dial *127*55# to activate Glo my phone data plan


  • Glo So Special Data Plan

With extra bucks of #500, you can get Glo So special in the stead of Glo My phone for #2500. This plan is made just for anybody who spends a big cut of their days online. Keep track of all the latest videos on your favorite YouTube channel. Spend much time on your social platforms for a total of 30 days with the So special plan of 5.75GB. Ready to step on it? Here’s how.

  • Simply text 58 to 127
  • Or dial *127*58# to use the 5.75GB data for 30 days


  • Glo Always Macro Data Plan

Can you do away with #3000? Well, get value for it with the Always Macro plan of 7GB. With Always Macro, mostly used by online marketers, control your online business with the super speedy 4G LTE. Accelerate your next 30 days with this 7GB if your wallet is fat enough. Can’t wait to join other subscribers? Here are two activation methods.

  • To activate by text, s                                                                  
  • Or Dial *127*54# to stay activated


  • Glo 10GB Data Plan

Are you a giver? Sharing your data via hotspot with colleagues in-office is great. You feel like a hero but until you run out of data. With the mega 10GB plan, you can always be the hero you want to be. Share your data on the wireless without the fear of exhausting your data. Your friends and you experience the same loading speed on streaming and downloads. The 10GB costs #4000 and will take you around 30 days. Shorley? This is how.

  • Message 59 to 127
  • Or dial *127*59# to enjoy 10GB data for 30 days


  • Glo Always Min Data Plan

What is Glo Always Min? Well, it is a data plan that allows Glo subscribers a 12.5GB browsing experience in 30 days. It is a browsing offer worthy of your #5000. You can jump on the bandwagon either with the USSD code below or through text.

  • Text 11 to 127
  • Or speed dial *127*2#


  • Glo Always Max Data Plan

Taking its place among Glo’s biggest packages, the Always Max plan is best for wireless data share. For customer who doesn’t mind getting a value of 20GB data for their #8000, activate with any of these:

  • Text 12 to 127
  • Or speed dial *127*1#


  • Glo 26GB Package Data Plan

Put the dongles away because this is more comfortable than walking around with a Spectranet. Because the 26GB package is all in one. Although this data plan could tear your wallet. But if you can do without a sum of #8000, then you are ready to enjoy all the goodies by following the guide below.

  • Text 15 to 127
  • Or dial *127*11#


  • The Gold Data Plan

The Gold plan is yet a massive one. Glo’s best offer for the golden era. In an exchange for your #15000, you buy yourself 30 days of browsing with 42GB. Not shabby? See how to activate below.

  • Send 16 to 127
  • Or dial *127*12#


  • Glo Platinum Data Plan

Not everyone can afford to exchange #18000 for 50GB. Howbeit, if you’ve got the chest, here’s how to activate Glo platinum plan.

  • Send 17 to 127
  • Or dial *127*13#


  • The 63GB Glo Internet Browsing Data Plan

Almost like the 3G router of #30000, the 63GB costs #20000. The only difference is the price and the bonus that comes with every 3G router. To activate 63GB Glo Internet Browsing, follow any of the two below.

  • Send 33 to 127
  • Or dial *127*33#

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Here are the Glo data plans we have so far. Stay tuned for updates. And feel free to use the comment box to call us to action.

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