How to Transfer Data from 9mobile to 9mobile

A stable internet connection, enough data & having a full battery, is probably what is needed to make your day, right? Well, it’s more fun when you can share your data with family and friends. This post aims at teaching you how to transfer data from Etisalat to Etisalat, so as to allow you to continue surfing the net, even when you run out of data.

9mobile Nigeria now permits you to share your data bundle with your intimate relatives, buddies or even those who will trade cash for data like a mini data reselling business for small data users.

If you have been searching for how to share your internet data bundle with friends and families, then here is the appropriate article for you. 9mobile Data Share allows subscribers to transfer their data in megabytes and gigabytes quickly using just one simple USSD code.

This service is not data gifting nor is it data renewal. This one is primarily for those who have active data plans on their 9mobile SIM and are willing to share with friends and family.


First of, it is important to note that there is a limit to data transfer on the 9mobile network. The smallest and largest transferable data per transfer are 10 MB and 100 MB, and the daily transfer limit is 250 MB. For you to transfer data successfully, you need to have a minimum data balance of 100MB, also data transfer is only available for subscribers of a data plan of 200 MB to 250 GB.

To share data on 9mobile, simply dial *229*PIN*Volume of Data*Number of Recipient#

The default transfer pin is 0000, to change your data transfer pin, kindly dial *247*Old Pin*New Pin#

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