9mobile Customer Care: 5 Easy Ways to Quickly Contact 9mobile Service Agents

There is no limit to reasons for contacting 9mobile customer care for help. Are you experiencing unnecessary charges/deductions on your 9mobile line or is your subscription not working correctly?

For issues like this and other similar ones, you should be contacting a customer care Rep for help.

The following are five channels 9mobile customers are using–and that you can use–to quickly get customer support. (All channels are available 24 hours in a day, 7 hours of the week including public holidays.)

Call 9mobile Customer Care Line

Calling 9mobile customer care line is the most typical and widely used method for making inquiries/requests.

You get to do this by calling some designated 9mobile customer care codes.

Below are the 9mobile customer care numbers to call to speak with an agent:

  • Dial 200 on your phone if you are calling with a 9mobile number and follow the prompt
  • Dial 08090000200 if you are calling from a non-9mobile number and follow the prompt.

Do keep in mind however that this service channel is the most used due to its easy accessibility. Meaning getting through to a 9mobile service agent may require some patience on your part.

If, however, you lack such patience or maybe urgency is involved in your issue, I will advise giving preference to other service channels listed in this post.

Send 9mobile an Email

Email is another service channel through which you can lodge complaints, make inquiries, ask questions, or offer suggestions.

Some 9mobile users prefer this channel not only because it provides an alternative to the call option, but because often, it is less crowded. As a result, their issues get prompt attention.

That mentioned, you can send an email to 9mobile customer care via 9mobile.com.ng.

Find 9mobile Customer Care on Social Media

If you are tired and frustrated about listening to 9mobile customer care jingles when you call their line and in addition you don’t want to send them an email, engaging with them on social media is the next best thing.

9mobile customer care is active on Facebook and Twitter. Click on any of the hyperlink texts below to be taking to your channel of choice.

Interact With Information on the 9mobile Website

To get started on this one, visit 9mobile’s website. Here you will find information about 9mobile’s products and services. Hopefully, this information will answer your questions.

Chat Up a Live 9mobile Customer Care Representative

Let’s say you are on 9mobile’s website but can’t find answers to your questions. What will you do?

Look for the chat icon (it is at the bottom right corner of any page on 9mobile’s website) and start chatting with a 9mobile customer care agent.

From experience and assuming a live person is available, this is by far the quickest and most reliable 9mobile customer service channel after social media.

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Final Thought

Up there you have the five 9mobile customer care service channels.

If it helps to mention, you will still want to settle with a service channel that is less congested and that you are most comfortable using.

Your Turn

We will like to know – which of the five service channels have you personally tried and think is the most or least effective? Tell us in the comment box.

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  2. hello am faruq quadri by name pls i need a help you people cuz have talkingv to you customer care since last two month for my lost sim and you people keep saying you will get back to me and have seen any call from you people and they also told me too give them a munber and email no call or mail since then plsand pls i need my sim back it very importante to my life


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