Etisalat Night Plan; Everything You Should Know

Etisalat Night Plans

Etisalat now known as 9mobile is one of the best network providers in Nigeria with strong internet connectivity. Recently, Etisalat has now joined the league of other network providers to bring about the long-awaited Etisalat night plan. 


9mobile Night Plan 

What is a night plan?


A night plan is a data bundle subscription that allows users or subscribers to be able to download or stream videos, songs, or files online which with their normal data plan may pose a problem. In another word, it is a different plan specially made for night browsing. The duration is from 12:00 am to 5:00 am before it became unavailable. It can’t be used during the day.  


How To Qualify For 9mobile Night Plan

Etisalat Night Plans

To qualify for the Etisalat night plan, you must first be an Etisalat or 9mobile subscriber or user. 


To activate the 9mobile night plan, you must have at least 50 naira airtime on your sim card. Though it may be more than that depending on your preference. There is a daily plan of 50 nairas for 250MB and 200 nairas for 1GB night plan. 


It is no gainsaying that the 9mobile internet speed is one of the fastest in Nigeria. 


To activate the 250mb plan, the user needs to dial *229*10*10# and in the case of the 1GB plan, the user will dial  229*3*11#. 


The above is mainly to be used once. It is a 24hours data subscription which only lasts for a night. 


There is another monthly Etisalat night plan by dialing *229*3*12# which spans for 30 days and costs 1000 naira for 2GB worth of data. This data subscription allows subscribers to use the Etisalat night plan from 7 pm till 7 am all days of the week. 


Also, there is another 9mobile night plan with a purchase price of 2000 naira for a 5GB data plan for users. Subscribers will have to dial this *229*3*13# to access this. This particular Etisalat night plan allows subscribers to access the internet from 7 pm to 7 am daily for 30 days. 


Who Is Eligible For The 9mobile Night Plan?

Every 9mobile user is eligible for the night plans but must first migrate to Eazycliq or Morecliq. 


New users or existing users need to check if they are already on Eazycliq or Morecliq. To check simply dial *244*3#. When you have ascertained you are on the plan then we can proceed with subscribing to any plan. But if you’re not yet on the Eazycliq or Morecliq, then you can migrate with *244*1#.


To migrate, simply dial *244*1#, press send, or OK. If it shows an error which may be due to a network error, just keep on redialing the code until it says successful. 


After ensuring the above process of migrating, then you proceed with your subscription plan. For a 250mb night plan, dial *229*10*10# which costs 50 naira airtime. *229*3*11# for 1GB night plan which cost 200 naira airtime. 


For the monthly 9mobile night plan, subscribers are to dial *229*3*12# for 2GB worth of data which costs 1000 naira airtime. And *229*3*13# for 3GB worth of data which cost 2000 naira airtime. Already all this has been mentioned earlier, but for clarity’s purpose, I have to repeat myself here again. 


You can purchase any of the 9mobile night plans multiple times in a night depending on your data demands. 


How To Check For Etisalat Night Plan Data Balance

Maybe you just get charged on your normal subscriptions and you wonder what went wrongs. It may be that you’ve already exhausted your night plan. This will result in slow connectivity as the network provider will be charging you for your airtime. Sometimes, this may be disturbing as you might have already planned on what to use the airtime for. So to ensure you are always in the loop concerning the data balance and you’re not short charge, you need to know how to check the same. There are two ways to this. One through USSD Code and the other through SMS. 


Checking Using USSD Code

To check your data balance using USSD Code, you simply dial *288#. This will show your existing data subscription and your night plan together. 


Checking with SMS 

To check your data balance using SMS, subscribers need to enter the message box on their phone, laptop, or modem. Enter INFO and send it to 228. Immediately the network will send all your data details through SMS to you. 


Even with your existing normal data plan, when the allotted time for the night plan (which is usually nighttime from 7 pm – 7 am and 12:00 am to 5:00 am) has begun, your existing data will automatically be placed on hold. 


This ensures that your 9mobile night plan will only be accessible to you at night while other subscriptions will stop till the end of such a night plan. 


Stopping Autorenewal 

Auto-renewal ensures that network providers renew your data automatically following the first time purchase procedure. This, according to all network providers, is to allow for easiness without always having to dial numerous codes every time you need to subscribe on your sim card. 


Everything with advantage does have disadvantages. The disadvantage of auto-renewal is that even though you don’t need a data plan at the moment, with enough airtime to purchase such a data plan, your network provider will renew automatically after the exhaustion of the previous data. 


To stop the auto-renewals of any 9mobile data subscription, either a night plan or a normal data subscription. Simply dial *229*0#. This will cancel any auto-renew prompt you might have entered in the past.


9mobile assures customers of rolling over their unused data in a subsequent subscription. In the case whereby you have 50MB left of your Etisalat night plan and it expires (I.e that you didn’t finish using it before the end of the night as your plan may predispose), it will be added with any new 9mobile night plan you do. So, in the case of subscribing for 250MB, you will have 300MB credited to you. 



Night plan is most suitable for people who work a night shift, who are nocturnal human beings. They are always active at night and perform most of their jobs at night. This is an added advantage to them, as compared to the normal Etisalat bundles, the 9mobile night plan gives an edge. Subscribing with as low as 50 nairas or 200 nairas is really economical for people with larger internet demands. 


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