Commonwealth Scholarships for African Students, UK

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has announced that the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for African Students for the year 2023 is open for interested applicants. It is one of the three programmes offered for Master’s degree seekers and provide an amazing opportunity for students to pursue their higher studies in the UK for free.

Eligible Countries

The scholarship is open to all Africans.

Type of Students

This offer is for graduates that seek to add the Master’s to their portfolio.

Deadline for Application

The commission has set the 13th of December 2022 as the last day for any intended graduate to apply for the scholarship.


The applicant need not worry about the tuition fee and everything that comes with, not forgetting the living cost.

It is detailed below.

  • The full tuition fee would be covered by the grant given by the CSC.
  • A return airfare ticket will be provided.
  • A monthly stipend of £1,236 will be provided.
  • In case the students are studying in the London Metropolitan area universities, a monthly stipend of £1,516 will be given.
  • A warm clothing allowance will be provided.
  • The university will pay for the thesis cost if applicable. (Funded by CSC)
  • A travel grant for costs related to the study will be given. The travel can be in the UK or overseas.
  • The costs for the mandatory TB test will be reimbursed.
  • The visa fee will be reimbursed.
  • If you are a single parent or widowed or divorced, the first child allowance of £529 per month will be given. Also, £131 per month will be provided if you have a second or third child. The children must be under the age of 16.
  • If you are disabled, a special disability grant will be provided after a full examination and assessment.


An applicant must;

  • be a citizen of eligible Commonwealth countries or have been given refugee status by any of the given Commonwealth countries.
  • be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country.
  • hold an honors degree with first-class grades or at least an upper second-class grade, or a lower second-class grade.
  • have a relevant postgraduate qualification usually a master’s degree.
  • be able to study in Uk from September 2023.
  • not have studied or worked for one academic year in the UK or any other high-income country.
  • not be able to study in a UK university without a Commonwealth grant.


How to Apply

Application for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for African Students for the year 2023 is a straightforward one, and everything can be done on the CSC’s online application system.

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