Benefit of Investing in Real Estate

Before we begin to look into the main subject of this article proper – Benefit of Investing in Real Estate , let us deal with the salient point therein. You must have had about terms like Real Estate, Investment, Real Estate investment and so on. Ever thought about what any of them means? Okay, let us have a look.

Real estate simply a property consisting of Land and the building on it, including the natural resources thereon.

Investment simply means the placement of capital over a specific period of time in expectation for return, profit or gains.

Real Estate investment in this context is a form of investment which involves buying, selling, renting or leasing out landed property for return.

There is no limit to the return one could derive from investing in real estate. You could get as high as 200% return on investment. It is that good. The only thing you need to make it happen is time and perseverance with parting away with your money.

That said, let’s dive into the juicy benefits of taking up Real estate investment….

Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Passive Income: How sweet does it sound to be making money even while you are sleeping? Wonder if you know it is even possible. Yes, it is. It is possible you make money without doing nothing. A real estate is a tool that generates passive income for you without doing nothing. Just acquire a piece of land or buy a building, leave if for a period of time to appreciate and then cash in big time. Land appreciates while you leave it idle, you get rent on your building. In all, you do nothing and still get paid.

Provide Home to others: If you love to provide shelter for people, then, real estate is the one for you. With real estate, you do what you love to do and equally get paid, with no stress at all. By now, you already know giving up houses up for people in an exchange for rent is called real estate investment.

High Rate of Return: As mentioned earlier, there is no limit to the return you could earn. For example, if you buy land in Ikota for a sum of two million naira now, you could sell it for as high as four million in two years to come. That is over 100% return on investment.

Tax Benefit: Unlike other investment options, real estate proceeds suffer little to no tax burden, thereby making you enjoy it the more.

No Special Knowledge is required: To trade shares, you need to have some certain knowledge about Nigeria stock exchange. If you want to invest in FOREX, you should master the game. Real estate investment is an exception. You only need to buy a property and get the necessary documentation, leave it for a while and sell at massive profit. No prior knowledge is required. Even your Grandmama can become a real estate investor.

Bottle Neck of Investing In Real Estate

As good and promising as real estate seems, the only difficulty lies with getting a reliable and trustworthy company or individual to buy property from or to buy on your behalf. Many people tend to avoid real estate because of the fear of being scammed off their hard earned money.

Real Estate Company in Lagos

You are probably on this page because you want to invest in real estate and we have decided to make this a complete guide on real estate without leaving any aspect of it undiscussed.

There are many real estate companies out there but we can vouch for DPKay Homes. It is a real estate company in Lagos with branches in other parts of the country. You are sure on the right track getting into the game through them. They will not only buy, sell, or lease for you, but also give your good investment advice.

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