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UBA is today, among the best-services-providing bank in Nigeria. They have been able to draw customers closer by implementing an advanced and easy to keep up with the banking system that makes every transaction hassle-free and fast. And one of the fascinating things done by UBA recently is the UBA mobile banking which brings your nearest UBA bank into your phone. Unfortunately, some customers are yet to save themselves from all the hurdles in banking in the hall because they don’t know how to bank online. But don’t beat yourself to it, because on here, I am going to show you how to bank online as a UBA customer. Before showing you the financial activities you can carry out with UBA mobile banking, allow me to inform you that there are two methods to perform an online transaction with your UBA account. The first is with the UBA App for banking. While the second is through USSD code. The only connection between the two techniques is they are both done on-phone. And, yes, you carry out the activities listed below on the two;

  • Money Transfer To UBA Account And Other Banks
  • UBA Bank Account Balance Check
  • Bill Payments
  • Airtime Purchase

So, if you could do all these at the comfort of your home, why the stress and time wastage? First thing first. We will start from how to use UBA USSD code to transfer money and perform other transaction. Then we will go around the UBA App and how to use it.

How To Use UBA USSD Code To Bank

The code is *919# and it can be used by anyone anywhere anytime. Just follow the easy step by step guide below for each banking activities listed above.

Money transfer

Before using UBA mobile banking code, you need to register your number through another UBA user who’s registered already. But make sure the person’s account is associated with yours. I mean someone you have had a transaction with in the past. So, just go ahead and dial *919# on the person’s mobile phone and select the option for registration on the on-screen options. And follow the instructions that follow.

Now that you’re registered, go ahead and send money by following this process:

To send money to a UBA account, dial *919*3# and follow the command that pop-up

To send money to other banks, dial *919*4# and follow the instructions that show up.

Account Balance Check

How do you check your account balance without walking down to the ATM? Easy and fast! Just with the same code. Just dial *919# and click on the “check balance” option on the pop-up menu. It is important to know that your PIN will be needed to perform any transaction on UBA mobile banking.

Bill Payments

Paying your bills without signing papers or inserting an ATM card into a far away machine is achieved with UBA online banking. Before, you either take your card to pay a NEPA bill or for a Gotv subscription. And now you can even pay for the food you eat in a restaurant just at the press of a few buttons on your mobile phone. You can also pay your rents by dialing *919#.

Airtime Purchase

Like most codes in the communication industry, the UBA banking code may be used to purchase airtime. And I will show you how to that here. Also if you want to know how to buy airtime with UBA code, or how to buy airtime for a friend with your UBA account fund, it’s possible. See below

  • To recharge your registered lime; dial *919*Amount#. So, if your registered number is 08060228850 and you want to top up with 500 Naira, dial *919*500#.
  • To recharge an unregistered number or your friends, dial *919*numbers*amount#. So if you’re recharging 07050238726 with 200 Naira, dial *919*07050238726*200#

As a plus, you can also check your account balance on your phone by dialing *919*00#

That’s all about mobile banking via USSD code. But what about mobile banking on UBA App?

UBA Mobile Banking App

If you’re just like me, it’s probably you love beans with fried plantains or you can’t keep up with cramming numbers. Don’t worry, we are not going to die. Because you can bank without codes on your smartphones just like me. All you need to do is download UBA mobile banking app on GooglePlay store now. You know, the App used to be called U-Banking when the only security was thumbprint. Now, you can secure your account with facial recognition and thumbprint for peace of mind. But, what are those things you can do on this new app that you can’t do on the former? Absolutely nothing. It’s just the same upgraded with tighter security plus an option to customize the app. Here are things you can do on U-Banking:

  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
  • Share online receipts as transaction evidence
  • Check account balance
  • Customize the app
  • Recharge your phone number
  • Recharge others

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