How to Transfer & Withdraw Money from Ecobank Without ATM Card

Presently, Money Transfer has become the norm in our society, replacing the old format of going around with huge amounts of cash or the usual queuing at galleries of ATMs that “chose” when they want to function.


Getting funds across to other parties was made easy by banks through innovations such as USSD & Mobile App, and they are surely not stopping anytime soon.

Ecobank, is one of Nigeria’s trusted institutions when it comes to safeguarding our hard-earned money & they are not out of the conversation when innovative ideas that will satisfy their numerous customers are concerned.


There is a new package, innovation, or idea that is being offered by Ecobank to its customers for them to benefit from, and it doesn’t involve the use of the debit card commonly known as ATM Card across Nigeria & the USSD.


This new idea is christened “Xpress Cash”, and we are focused on dishing out all that it entails for the sake of their Customers & anyone who is interested in banking with Ecobank.


What is Xpress Cash about?


Xpress Cash is a fast, easy and affordable service on the Ecobank mobile app to send money without using your actual debit card. The app generates an 8-digit number or e-token, that is used to withdraw cash at any Ecobank ATM or Xpress point, by you or anyone you send the e-token to. You can create the e-token to withdraw funds from any of your Ecobank Xpress, current, or savings accounts that are linked to your mobile phone app. Xpress cash is available whenever, wherever, and to whoever you want.

Anyone who has the number of the e-token that was generated on the Ecobank mobile app can use Xpress Cash. As well as for yourself, this is a great way to send cash to someone else. Just send them the 8-digit e-token generated by the app via mobile or email, and they can withdraw the amount you have sent them at any Ecobank ATM or Xpress point, in any country that shares the same currency. or use it yourself.




Generating a token isn’t a thing to break a sweat over, it is an easy task to execute.

  • Log on to your Ecobank Mobile App & select Xpress Cash
  • Select the point of cash collection, either an ATM or an Xpress Agent point
  • Follow the instructions to generate an 8-digit token
  • Enter the amount you want to send, and the account to be debited
  • Review the transaction, enter the reason for it & view the cheap charge of 1%
  • The e-token is created within seconds 
  • Select the beneficiary from your contact list or share the token with them
  • A Notification will be received about the transaction


The movement of funds is now easier than ever, make the most of it without the fear of losing your ATM Card while moving around with it. Happy Banking with the Pan African Bank!

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