How to Transfer Money from UBA Without ATM Card + Cardless Withdrawals

Presently, Money Transfer has become the norm in our society, replacing the old format of going around with massive amounts of cash or the usual queuing at galleries of ATMs that “chose” when they want to function.


Getting funds across to other parties was made easy by banks through innovations such as USSD & Mobile App, and they are surely not stopping anytime soon.


United Bank for Africa is one of Nigeria’s trusted institutions when it comes to safeguarding our hard-earned money & they are not out of the conversation when innovative ideas that will satisfy their numerous customers are concerned.

Those innovative ideas include a cardless transaction that requires a transfer pin & the USSD. The code favored by UBA for transferring funds from one customer to another in the same bank or others is the *919# which has become synonymous with them.


The USSD is something everyone probably knows about, and we are going to discuss cardless transactions in this post.




Cardless transactions can be done at the ATM stand without a debit card, and on your mobile as long as you remember the transfer pin that you created


This feature allows you to transfer funds from one account to another, pay bills, and do other important things you may want to do.


Before you can make transactions without a debit card, a transfer pin needs to be created, and it can be done via your mobile


  • Dial *919*0*# with the number that was used to register for the bank account
  • Select 1 – Sign Up
  • Select 1 – Account with PIN
  • Type in the PIN you want to use for transactions
  • Start transactions


UBA cardless transactions aren’t meant for the movement of funds from one account to the other alone, it is also used to withdraw from your bank account.


To make the withdrawal, a code is also needed, but it is only possible to get that after a transfer pin has been created using the steps above.




 Getting a withdrawal code can be done in TWO ways, via USSD & the Mobile App of the Bank. Both are explained below.


  • Dial *919*30# on the number that you registered your bank account with
  • Type in your transfer PIN
  • If you have more than one account, select the account from which you want the money to be withdrawn from
  • A PIN is created for you to unlock your account so the withdrawal will be made, and the PIN becomes useless once it is made
  • An SMS containing the FOURTEEN-DIGIT code is sent to the number
  • Input the code to complete the transaction




  • Log on to your Mobile App
  • Input the amount to be withdrawn
  • Make a PIN for the transaction to be verified
  • Type in your PIN
  • An SMS with the FOURTEEN-DIGIT withdrawal code will be sent to your phone
  • Fill in the code


Transactions without Debit cards do not come easier than this, and UBA has always been at the forefront of innovations such as this to make banking stress-free for their customers.


Bank without Worries.

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