How to retrieve BVN without Phone Number

More often than not, we misplace our gadgets or they probably got stolen from us, and it may contain the SIM that is attached to our bank accounts. Also, it is normal that the SIM is the one attached to the Bank Verification Number issued to us.

The biggest problem is getting that SIM or a replacement through retrieval because of the things attached, especially when the details are not stored in a jotter or diary. Before getting a retrieval done, the BVN may be needed for another process & a path is surely needed to be carved for it to be gotten.


Getting it is obviously not stressful as first thought, as it only requires a mobile app of the bank that you are using, and a good internet connection.


Most banks created their app in a way that makes the BVN visible on the upper part of the menu and you get the solution to the problem instantly.


The only option after this is to visit the bank and get the BVN from the attendants

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