How to Enroll and Register BVN Online?

Bank Verification Number, commonly known as BVN  is aomething that has been made compulsory & necessary for owners of accounts in various Nigerian banks by the Authorities. Getting it is also an easy task for the account holders.


The BVN registration process is a two-part process. First, you must fill out the registration form. Second, you must be biometrically scanned. You can do this at the bank, or you can link your bank accounts to your BVN online. Most banks have a BVN registration portal on their websites. Once you’ve linked your bank account to your BIB, you’re ready to link your BVN to it.

To enroll for BVN online, you must submit the necessary documents, including a fingerprint scan and a passport photograph. To get started, download and complete the BVN enrolment form and have your biometrics captured. Most banks offer online pre-registration services. You can complete the enrollment form online, then finish the registration process in the bank. 


The good thing about it is that if you have multiple accounts in different banks, you don’t have to go to the banks to register, all you need is for it to be linked with your existing account. Most banks have an online portal for linking your account. You will need to provide a USSD code or SMS service to connect your accounts.


To complete the enrollment process, you must ensure that all your information matches your BVN. Your name, gender, date of birth, and email should match. When you’re finished, you’ll receive your BVN number by text message or email.


To register for a BIB online account, you need to provide the details of your bank account. If you’ve got a valid BIB, you can then upload it to your BVN. The BVN will then be stored on your computer. This will allow you to use your card on BIB sites. There are also many BIB enrollment forms that you can fill out online.


In the meantime, you can visit any commercial bank to enroll for a BIB. This is the fastest way to secure your account and access sensitive information. The process of registering is easy and quick, so it’s best to make an appointment and get your BVN online right away. If you’d prefer to avoid going through this hassle, you can fill out a pre-registration form. You’ll need to enter your BIB number in the relevant fields, including the bank account number you want to link.


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