First Bank Transaction Code to Transfer Money, Check Balance & Buy Airtime

The majority of the inhabitants of Nigeria do not love the idea of going around with cash, queuing at the ATM Galleries, and waiting for the cashiers who won’t stay at their duty post in the banking hall due to many reasons known to them. 

Going through all these are termed as old procedures by those who have embraced the advanced technique of getting money to anywhere in the World from the comfort of their couch. The Mobile is the only tool needed to get this done, with the knowledge of how it works.


The term, Advanced Technique mentioned above refers to the transfer of money from one bank account to another OR from one individual to another via Mobile Apps provided by Banks or through USSD also created by the Banks for a specific purpose. 


 It is a stress-free procedure that has been embraced by all & sundry, and will only gain more relevance as years go by, and this article is detailed on getting money to other banks from a First Bank account via USSD.


The First Bank USSD Transfer code, *894# isn’t used for the movement of funds alone, it is used to buy airtime for yourself & others around, check balance, make payments, pay bills, open accounts & a lot more.

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