First Bank Internet Banking Transfer Limit & How to increase It

The majority of the inhabitants of Nigeria do not love the idea of going around with cash, queuing at the ATM Galleries, and waiting for the cashiers who won’t stay at their duty post in the banking hall due to many reasons known to them. 

Going through all these are termed as old procedures by those who have embraced the advanced technique of getting money to anywhere in the World from the comfort of their couch. The Mobile is the only tool needed to get this done, with the knowledge of how it works.


The term, Advanced Technique mentioned above refers to the transfer of money from one bank account to another OR from one individual to another via Mobile Apps provided by Banks or through USSD also created by the Banks for a specific purpose. 


 It is a stress-free procedure that has been embraced by all & sundry, and will only gain more relevance as years go by, and this article is detailed on transactions via the Mobile App which is also known as Internet banking.


One thing which seems to be the problem that most customers encounter when using the Mobile App is the transfer limit being placed on accounts, and the good news is that it can be increased




Previously, the transfer limit on the FirstMonie Mobile App was placed at NGN500,000 per day until it was increased to NGN1,000,000, while the online banking transfer limit is set at NGN5,000,000 for Individuals & NGN10,000,000 for corporate entities.  All you need to do in order to get an increment to your transfer limit is detailed below;


  • Ensure correctly, that you have your bank account documents ready alongside an identity card, preferably the National ID or the Voters Card.

  • Visit the FirstBank branch nearest to you.

  • Lodge a complaint and the bank attendant will ensure the increment is active in an instant.


We believed your doubt has been cleared & you also know the steps to take to solve the question which has been bothering you for a while. Enjoy Banking with the oldest bank in Nigeria.

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