UBA Mobile Banking

UBA mobile banking

UBA is today, among the best-services-providing bank in Nigeria. They have been able to draw customers closer by implementing an advanced and easy to keep up with the banking system that makes every transaction hassle-free and fast. And one of the fascinating things done by UBA recently is the UBA mobile banking which brings your …

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Skye bank transfer code

skye bank transfer code

Getting stranded has never been a good experience. Especially running out of cash at the most pressing times. How then do you get ahead of the curves and prevent cashless-ness before it happens? Don’t beat yourself to it. Most banks, including Skye bank (Polaris Bank), are continually creating life-saving services, and they make these services …

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How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

how to transfer airtime on airtel

Do you know it’s impossible to share airtime on Airtel? Well, that’s not true because it’s possible. Being a smart red SIM user ties in with using it to its full potential. And no one is getting you informed about the latest if not that goodie two shoe friend of yours. Well, that’s the purpose …

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