How To Migrate To MTN Pulse – All About MTN Pulse

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

The main purpose of this guide is to walk you through “how to migrate to MTN pulse”. However, it will cover every other thing you need to know about this MTN tariff plan. Reading till the very last word of this article will make you know what MTN Pulse is, determine how you can migrate, benefits you will enjoy upon […]

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk

Even though you are here to get an answer to your query “how to migrate to MTN beta talk”, it is important you get some background information about this MTN tariff plan. I have decided to make this guide a complete one, covering all you need to know about MTN beta talk. So, what is MTN beta talk – It […]

Benefit of Investing in Real Estate

Before we begin to look into the main subject of this article proper – Benefit of Investing in Real Estate , let us deal with the salient point therein. You must have had about terms like Real Estate, Investment, Real Estate investment and so on. Ever thought about what any of them means? Okay, let us have a look. Real […]

Outsource Global’s Staff Emerges Top 20 Best Employee In Nigeria

A vibrant Outsource Global employee – Judith Bavoshiya Daniel enjoyed her proud moment after receiving her recognition as one of the top 20 employees in Nigeria. The Award ceremony held at the annual TAMS Summit welcoming over 500 delegates to celebrate productive employees across various sectors. Amidst one hundred employees vying for this award, Judith Bavoshiya Daniel was recognized for […]

Amal Hassan Case With EFCC Finally Dismissed

The EFCC case against the Hausa business woman was dismissed by a competent court due to lack of evidence and corroborating witnesses by the prosecutors. Finding a successful Hausa-Fulani businesswoman seems to be a difficult task. It becomes even more difficult to find such an astute woman who was born, raised, educated and resident in Kano but does business in […]

How to Share Airtel Data in 3 Easy Steps

how to share airtel data

Airtel calls it SmartShare and this, for short, is a service that allows you as an Airtel subscriber, to share your data with another Airtel subscriber. Or in other words, you (as an Airtel customer with an active data plan) have the opportunity to share your data with your friends, family member, employees, otherwise known as recipients. That way your […]

How To Share Glo Data

how to share glo data

Did you know how to share Glo data? Hands down! Alright, so you’ve got the superpowers to cram all of the subscription codes and migration codes without forgetting any of them. But what if you get caught up with your wallet? I mean one of those days when you’re out of cash or stranded. Well, and well, you can easily […]

Airtel Customer Care: Use These 5 Service Channels to Quickly Get your Issues Resolved

airtel customer care

To have searched for Airtel customer care,  you are either experiencing unnecessary charges/deductions on your Airtel line or maybe you just bought a new sim, registered but can’t use it? For issues like this and other similar ones (including requests for cancellation of advertising messages, configuration settings, unblocking of Airtel line), you should be contacting Airtel customer care for help. The […]

How To Check Glo Balance

how to check glo balance

Want to know how to check Glo balance? Truly, it’s not what you put into a service/product that counts if not the satisfaction of the consumers. Glo as one of the top 3 service providers in the technology communication sector has proved this right and will continue to do that. With a glance over Glo data plan table, Glo data […]

9mobile Customer Care: 5 Easy Ways to Quickly Contact 9mobile Service Agents


There is no limit to reasons for contacting 9mobile customer care for help. Are you experiencing unnecessary charges/deductions on your 9mobile line or is your subscription not working correctly? For issues like this and other similar ones, you should be contacting a customer care Rep for help. The following are five channels 9mobile customers are using–and that you can use–to quickly get […]