How To Transfer Data On Airtel; All Airtel Data Plan

How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Want to know How To Transfer Data On Airtel?

Have you ever been in a situation in the past that warrants you need to transfer, share, or gift data subscriptions to your loved ones? Even though this hasn’t happened to you before, but there may be an imminent cause for the same in the future. 


Imagine, in the dead of the night, busy surfing the net and poof Airtel sends you a “Dear Customer, you do not have an active data plan” SMS. Just look at that scowl on your face. 


In this post, we will talk about how to transfer data on Airtel and all that you should know about Airtel Family Share, Airtel to Airtel data transfer


How To Transfer Data On Airtel

How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Let’s be realistic, at least once a year, you may be in such a situation that will warrant you to share or gift data with your Airtel sim but not knowing how to transfer data on Airtel sim may have devastating effects on you or your business. 


To say the truth, to perform an Airtel to Airtel data transfer is very easy and straightforward. Just follow my lead and do things as you see them flows out. 


How to transfer data from Airtel to Airtel;

How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Right now, Airtel enjoins three ways to go about how to transfer data on Airtel sim card viz: Airtel Data Me2U, Airtel Data Gifting, and Airtel Family Share. 


Airtel Data Me2U

How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Airtel Data Me2U is the Airtel service that avails you data sharing and transfers to another Airtel subscriber(s) from your already purchased data balance. This in perspective means that, if you have a 5GB data bundle on your Airtel sim and your brother urgently needs some data. Then you share 1GB of data from your existing bundle to his Airtel sim. What you just did is called Airtel data Me2U. 


Airtel Data Gifting 

How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Airtel Data Gifting is a different make of data sharing. Here, you don’t share data from your existing data balance but you purchase a data subscription for another Airtel sim with your preloaded airtime balance. Seems like I am rushing you, sorry. What I mean here is that, if you have #2000 airtime on your Airtel sim card. And you buy a data worth of 1GB with a purchase price of  #1000 directly from your airtime balance for another Airtel subscriber. 


Airtel Family Share 

Airtel Family Share is a different entity on its own. Here, you don’t have to purchase nor transfer or gift data subscriptions to other subscribers. All you’ve got to do here is to add some people (says a maximum of four people) into a list called “Family Share List” to use internet data connection from your data subscription. They do not need to have data on their sim cards, they tap or use from your very end. 


How To Transfer Data On Airtel with Airtel Data Me2U 

Now, let’s get down to the issue at hand. For Airtel to Airtel data transfer through Airtel Me2U, you’ve got two ways to go with this, viz; Airtel data transfer code (2020) and My Airtel App. 


Airtel MB Transfer 2021 

  • Ensure you’ve enough data subscription on your Airtel sim 


  • Dial *141# on the said Airtel sim and send.  


  • Press 6 for “Gifting & Sharing” and send. 


  • Press 4 for “Data Me2U” and click Send. 


  • Now enter 2 for “Send Me2U from existing allowance” and press send. 


  • You will be prompt to enter the “Recipient Number”, you should now carefully enter the Airtel Number you are sending data, after that click on Send. 


  • Therefore, enter an amount of Data you wish to send (but know, you are only allowed to send 200MB at once) 


  • Subsequently, you enter your “Me2U Transfer Pin” and click on send. 


  • Wait for the confirmation message from Airtel. This will show if your transaction is successful or not. 


Changing Your Me2U Transfer Pin 

For all Airtel users, the Me2U transfer PIN is 1234. But you can’t use this default transfer PIN for any transaction until you change it to your carefully selected four digits PIN. This Me2U transfer PIN is used for airtime and data transfer.  


Through USSD Code 


  • Dial *141# with your Airtel sim card.  


  • Proceed and press 6 for “Gifting & Sharing” then send. 


  • Wait for the pop-up and enter 1 for “Change Pin”


  • Thereafter, you should enter your old PIN (In this case the default PIN which is 1234). While if you have already change the default PIN in the past but want to change the old PIN for some reasons known to you, you should enter such said old PIN. 


  • You can now proceed to enter the New PIN and press Send afterward. 


  • You will have to “Confirm New PIN” enter the PIN again and click on send.  


  • Wait for an Airtel Confirmation message.  


How To Reset My Airtel Data Transfer Pin.

If you are the type of “I forget my Airtel data Me2U PIN“, it’s nothing to be ashamed of though. We all have many things going on through our minds that a four digits PIN may not matter in the long run. Or you just encounter an error while changing your default transfer PIN. Don’t need to sweat it out, just dial 111 for the Airtel Customer Care line and follows up with the prompt thereon. 


With this, you should be able to reset your Airtel data transfer PIN with no hassle at all.  


How To Transfer Data From Airtel Through Airtel App 

The ease that comes with the Airtel App is quite unrivaled. And as such you should know how to transfer data from airtel through Airtel App.  To enjoy this convenience, follow the steps below; 


  • Go on Play Store or iOS Store to Download My Airtel App. 


  • Enter the App and click on Me2U.


  • Follows on with the prompt. 


Airtel Data Gifting 

As we’ve earlier said, Airtel Data Gifting allows you to purchase a data bundle from your airtime balance for another Airtel user. 


You have two ways to go on this, viz; USSD Code and Airtel App. 


With USSD Code 

This is more like the data transfer option shared up there, but with some little modification. Nothing special though. 


  • Make sure you’ve gotten enough airtime on your Airtel sim card.  


  • Dial *141# on your Airtel sim and click send.  


  • Enter 6 for “Gifting & Sharing” and press send. 


  • Enter 2 for “Data Gifting” (remember that 4 is for “Data Me2U”) and click on Send. 


  • Then select the data plan you want to purchase for the other party by entering the corresponding number before them.  


1 for Monthly Bundles (This data plans will last accordingly for 30 days)


2 for Weekly Bundles (This plan as ascribed from his name “weekly” will only last for 7 days or 14 days depending on your choice) 


3 for Daily/Weekly Bundles (Here, the data plan comprises of data subscription ranging from 1 day to 7 days data subscription) 


4 for Mega Bundles (Though this is called a Mega Plan, it runs for only 30 days, this plan is better used in a commercial setting as it is quite expensive).


  • In this case, we are opting for the Monthly Bundles; Enter 1 in the space provided and click on Send. 


  • Here, you choose your pick per your airtime balance. 


  • Now, we will enter 7 for 1000/1.5GB data plan. 


  • You will then be prompt to enter “Recipient Number”, enter the Airtel Number you want to send Data to, and click on Send. 


  • Now enter your “Me2U Transfer Pin” and press send. 


  • Wait for the confirmation message which will show if your transaction is successful or not. 


This involves no hassle at all, so simple and straightforward. 


How To Transfer (Gift) Data From Airtel Through Airtel App 

  • Download My Airtel App from your Play Store if you’re using Android and for iPhone Users, you can get the App downloaded from your iOS store. 


  • Register your number with the Airtel App. 


  • Navigate to where you see “Buy Bundles”, click on it. 


  • Enter the Airtel number you want to  Gift Data. 


  • Proceed and select any plan of your choice. 


  • Then pay with your airtime balance.


Airtel Family Share 

To access this service, you have three ways of which are by SMS, the Airtel App, and lastly Airtel website. So, let’s get on with this pronto. 




  • Make sure you’ve more than enough data subscription on your Airtel line 


  • Navigate to your phone message box. 


  • Type and send ” SHARE” to 121. 


  • You will receive a message from Airtel on how to add other Airtel numbers to your Airtel family share list. 


  • The message should be as such “ADD RECIPIENT’S NUMBER” 


  • Let’s take for example; if one of your family member’s numbers is 08012345678, you should proceed and type “ADD 08012345678” and send it to 121. 


  • There will be a message prompt from Airtel asking for further confirmation, just press “1” to confirm.


  • Wait for a successful message from Airtel. 


  • Repeat the process to add up to four numbers. 


Remember, those numbers you’ve added will be using internet data connection directly from your data bundles. 


How To Remove A Number From Your Airtel Family by SMS 

No one is above mistakes, and as such you might have mistakenly input the wrong numbers into your family share list. And also it may just seem futile to keep on sponsoring them any longer. As such, you wish to remove one member or the other from your list. Below, is the steps to remove the clusters from your Airtel Family list


  1. Open your message box. 


  1. Type and send “DEL NUMBER” to 121. The number in this instance is the Airtel Number you wish to remove. 


Repeat this process for all the numbers in the list if you so wish. Note that whenever you removed a number from your family list, they will stop using internet data from your data subscription henceforth. 


NB: To view the list of numbers added to your list, send “VIEW” to 121. 


With the Airtel App 

  • Download My Airtel App from your mobile device store (Play Store or iOS Store)


  • Register and verify your Airtel number. 


  • Click on the menu icon. 


  • Select “My Family Share” 


  • Proceed to enter the Airtel numbers you wish to add to your family share list. 


Note, the maximum of four numbers. 


Using the Airtel website method

How To Transfer Data On Airtel


  • Enter your mobile number and verify the said number.


  • Immediately, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your Airtel sim


  • Proceed to enter your number and the sent OTP in the spaces provided. 


  • While adding numbers to your family share list, ensure you enter the correct numbers. 


  • Add the numbers you wish to have on your family share list and submit. 


How Can I Transfer 500MB On Airtel? 

Transfer 500MB On Airtel

  • Dial  *141*172*4*Airtel Number#  on your Airtel sim. 


  • Enter your transfer PIN. 


This is another Airtel data transfer trick, one of the many Airtel MB transfer 2021


How to transfer data on Airtel to MTN 

transfer data on Airtel to MTN 

Some people keep on trolling Google and other search engines with how to transfer data from Airtel to MTN and many other frivolous questions.  Till now, Airtel has never made the option of transferring, sharing, or gifting data or airtime to other network users. Such that you can only transfer data to another Airtel sim card users but not to a different network.


So rein in your how to transfer data on Airtel to MTN.  But who knows in another couple of years, there might be such an option, but right now there is nothing like such yet. 


How To Share Airtime on Airtel 

How To Share Airtime on Airtel 

You can check the previous post on this but I would give you a quick recap on the same, similar to the ones in the said post but not as extensive. 


How to share airtime on Airtel through USSD Code


  • Dial *432# with your Airtel sim card. 


  • Enter 1 for “Airtel to Airtel” 


  • Input the Airtel number you want to share airtime with  


  • Enter the amount you’re transferring. 


  • Then, enter your transfer PIN which is the same PIN as the one for Data Gifting and Sharing. 


You can also share airtime through SMS

  • Type “2U Airtel Number Amount Transfer PIN”  and Send to 432



Frequently Asked Questions And Answers. 


How can I transfer 500 MB from Airtel to Airtel? 


Dial *141*172*4*Airtel Phone Number# from your own Airtel line. Then you follow on with the prompt. 


How do I transfer data? 


Depending on your network provider.  for Airtel, dial *141# or *432# and follow on with the prompt. For MTN, dial *131#. 


How can I gift data on Airtel? 


There are different ways to this. You can gift data through USSD code, through the Airtel website and Airtel App. For the USSD code, dial *141#. 


How do I transfer data from one phone to another? 


You can only transfer data from one sim to another operating under the same network provider. E.g an Airtel number to another Airtel Line. 


How can I transfer MB? 


This is quite easy, dial *141# to transfer MB from Airtel. 


How can I transfer 200 MB of data to Airtel? 


Dial *141*6*4*2*Airtel Number*200# on your Airtel sim card. 


How can I transfer data on MTN 2020? 


Dial *131*7*1# on your mobile device with your MTN sim, enter the MTN number you want to share data, send. Subsequently, the amount of data you are willing to transfer. 


What device is used to transfer data from one computer to another?


Folder Transfer or you can use a Flash Drive. 


How can I transfer MTN 1GB Data? 


To transfer 1GB, you need to do two 500 MB transfer. MTN doesn’t allow for a direct 1GB data transfer. To get on with this, dial *131*7*1#, fill in your number, and send. Repeat this the second time for the same number. Note, you can only transfer 1GB in a day. 




I believe this post has been enlightened well enough and has answered all your questions on how to transfer data on Airtel. With all the Airtel data transfer tricks, Airtel data transfer code 2020, Airtel MB transfer 2021 you should be able to perform any Airtel or Airtel data transfer successfully.


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