How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel


Want to know How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel?

With the way, everything is fast-tracked these days through DIY (Do It Yourself) process many haranguing tasks which you need to get done in the past but had to visit a network service office for same has been curtailed through many self-help services. 


Yeah, so doing, you might be having a fix on how to transfer airtime on Airtel, or what is Airtel Me2U, wonder not, you’re in the right place. As the objectives of this post are to guide you on how to transfer airtime on Airtel, Airtel airtime transfer code, Airtel Me2U, Airtel airtime transfer USSD Code, and how to transfer airtime from Airtel to other Networks, and many more. 


So stick with me, as I break this down for your easy consumption. 


How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel 

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

There is nothing big to know before you can transfer airtime from your Airtel sim card. 


Airtel transfer service is otherwise known as Airtel Me2U. This service allows you to easily transfer airtime from your Airtel to other networks (this is how the service is been described but it seems you can only transfer from the airtel line to another airtel number at the moment) in Nigeria. 


Reasons Why You Should Know How Transfer Airtime On Airtel 

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

Imagine if your loved ones urgently need airtime and in a difficult position to source it themselves. While you’ve more than enough airtime to spare and throw around, why bother to run Helter skelter in search of Agents who might be selling networks airtime? Or why give your banks the leverage to always short your service charges as same maybe if you purchase airtime through your bank for them? You see, it seems stupid in some sort of way, yeah! It saves time and energy. 


So, let’s get on with this. 


Airtel Me2U

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

To be able to perform any transaction herein, you must first change your Airtel airtime transfer code or PIN. This is a four-digit pin that allows you to validate your airtime transaction. And also ensure other people with no authority get access to your hard-earned airtime without your prior notice. 


By default, your transfer PIN is 1234. You can’t use this though to perform any transfer service. So, you’ve got to change it to another four-digit code that you can as well easily remember. 


To change your transfer PIN is not a Herculean task. This can be done through USSD code, SMS, or through the SIM Toolkit app on your device. 


Using USSD Code

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

To change your Transfer PIN through USSD code, follow the following steps; 

  • Dial *432# with your Airtel line. 


  • Enter 3 for “Sim Management” and send. 


  • Enter 1 for “Change PIN” then press send. 


  • You will be prompt to enter “current PIN”, enter 1234 as this is your default PIN and send.


  • You will be asked then to enter a new PIN of your choice.


  • Confirm your new PIN 


  • And then you wait for the Airtel network message to confirm you’ve successfully changed your transfer PIN. 


Through SMS 

To change your Transfer PIN through SMS, follow the following steps; 


  • Enter the message box on your device. 


  • Type ” PIN OLD PIN NEW PIN” and send to 432


  • It should be in this format; PIN 1234 2025. Where 2025 should be replaced with your new PIN. 


  • Again you wait for the Airtel Confirmation message which may not take more than 1 minute. 


Through SIM Toolkit 

To change your Transfer PIN through SIM Toolkit, navigate to the Airtel Sim Toolkit on your device. In the case whereby your mobile phone is a dual sim, just find your device SIM TOOLKIT,  click on it and press on Airtel when opened. 


  • Click on “My Airtel Account”


  • Now click on “Me2U”


  • Now click on “Change Password”


  • Enter 1234 as your default password and click on Ok


  • Enter your New Password and then press Ok


  • Wait for Airtel’s confirmation message.  


Now we are done with changing your transfer PIN, you can as well see that it’s quite easy and very fast. Now let’s hop on the main process which is how to transfer airtime on Airtel


How To 

Airtel Me2U transfer can be accessed just like how you change your transfer PIN. You can transfer airtime on Airtel by USSD, by SMS, by Sim Toolkit, or and through My Airtel Mobile App. 


After you’ve changed your default transfer PIN and you have enough airtime on your Airtel line to transfer, in this case, your airtime balance must be more than #50 worth as Airtel gave the condition that you could only transfer nothing less than #50 airtime i.e that means you can’t transfer 30, 40 or 25 naira airtime. You will also need to have some airtime left on your line after the transfer. 


Airtel Airtime Transfer By USSD 

The steps to take to transfer airtime through the Airtel airtime transfer USSD code are; 


  • Dial *432#  the airtel airtime transfer code. 


  • Enter 1 for “Airtel to Airtel” and send.


  • Enter the Airtel Number you want to transfer airtime to. 


  • Enter the Amount of airtime you’re transferring (remember the lowest amount you can enter is #50) 


  • Now Enter your Transfer PIN


  • Wait for the network confirmation, then you’re done. So easy and simple. 


Through SMS 

The steps to take to transfer airtime through SMS are; 

  • Enter your message box and type 


  • 2u Airtel Phone Number Amount PIN and send to 432 


  • Transferring #1000 airtime to 07084870000 and 2025 is your PIN, the format should be; 


2u 07084870000 1000 2025 


  • Wait for Airtel’s confirmation for success or otherwise. 


Through Sim Toolkit 

The steps to take to transfer airtime through the SIM Toolkit are; 


  • Scroll to your Sim Toolkit App on your device and click on the same. 


  • Click on Airtel 


  • Click on “My Airtel Account” 


  • Now click on “Me2u” 


  • Proceed and then click on “Send Airtime Credit” 


  • Enter the Amount and click Ok. 


  • Enter the Airtel Number you’re transferring to then you click on Ok. 


  • Enter your Transfer PIN, click on OK. 


  • Then you wait for the confirmation message from Airtel. 


Through My Airtel Mobile App 

The steps to take to transfer airtime through My Airtel App; 


  • Enter your IOS Store or Play Store to download “My Airtel”


  • Open and register your Airtel line. 


  • On the Home interface, click on the Me2U banner 


  • Enter the Airtel number you want to transfer to. 


  • Enter the Amount, click done 


  • Now, enter your Transfer Pin and click on Done or a marked sign below. 


All these steps are quite easy, fast, and straightforward. So if one doesn’t work at the moment, you can as well try other procedures.  


How To Transfer Airtime From Airtel To Other Network

People keep on searching on how to transfer airtime from airtel to other networks; how to transfer airtime from airtel to MTN, Glo, 9mobile e.t.c are most common on Google and other search engines. But the last time I checked with Airtel Customer Service and Products, you cannot transfer at the moment airtime from your Airtel line to other networks whatever. So, if you are among those who keep on disturbing the internet with your how to transfer airtime from airtel to MTN blah blah, keep a hold on same, the features are yet to be added. 


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers 


How can I activate the Airtel transfer Code?

You do this by dialing the Airtel airtime (and data) transfer code which in this case is *432#


Can Airtel recharge be refunded?

Do you mean from the person you mistakenly shared or transferred airtime? If so, yes. They only need to follow the same process as yours. But if this is a situation of mistake in airtime purchase, please contact Airtel Customer Care (111) or visit on this. 


How can I reverse my Airtel money transfer? 

Send Wrong Number Transaction ID Amount Correct Number to 59109. In this format 07012345678       262673636366363     1000     07012345677 or you visit and log a query with the following details;


  • Your Mobile Number 


  • Wrong Mobile Number 


  • Amount 


  • Transaction ID


How long does it take to reverse a transaction? 

At most, it will take 24 hours for the reversal. 


How do you check, if money has been transferred? 

You don’t have to check, Airtel will send you a message immediately after you perform the transaction whether it is successful or not. And as well, you can confirm by checking your balance. 


Can you keep money sent to you in error? 

If you have the details of the person that mistakenly transferred the same to you, why not send it back?



Airtel unarguably is one of the best network providers in Nigeria with good customer service. And as such, they enjoy a larger following than many telecommunications providers in the country. 


From the comfort of your home, you can perform many transactions through USSD Code, SMS, or through Online or Mobile means. Seamlessly, fast and accurate. What more can one ask for in this century? 


In the case of any difficulties, you may encounter, call their customer care on 111 or visit

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