How to Send Please Call Me on AIRTEL with Short Code

Are you low on airtime, and want to call someone urgently, and you can’t possibly get a way to recharge on time? We have all probably been in this situation countless times and can tell how frustrating and sad the situation can be. However, there is a way out of this fix and you can now reach out to whomever you want to by sending a ‘‘PLEASE CALL ME’’ message to the recipient. This writeup, would inform you on how to send this urgent call me message to your friends and families whenever you are out of airtime. 

It is important to note that this service is only available for Airtel subscribers, that is Airtel to Airtel to only. It can’t be sent to other networks, but only Airtel subscribers. And also this service is absolutely free, there is no charge attached to using this service.


To send a “PLEASE CALL ME” message on Airtel, dial *140*Recipient Phone Number#, then your recipient would receive the message. For example; dial *140*0802xxxxxx5# to send a “Please Call Me” message to that number.


This service also permits you to make a request for airtime from another Airtel subscriber. Note that this service is exclusive to other numbers registered on a different service provider, other than Airtel.

To request for airtime from an Airtel subscriber, dial *140*8*Recipient Phone Number#, this would send a message to the recipient, requesting for airtime transfer or top up.

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