How To Check My Phone Number On AIRTEL With Code in 2022

The Human brain stores a lot of things, so, do not feel extremely bad if you are one of those who do not remember their mobile number without checking their jotter or asking their friend to remind them of it.


Having multiple SIM Cards is also one of the reasons that make people find it hard to remember their number, the chance of always remembering the wrong one is always high. Examples are people who acquire multiple SIM Cards for the bonuses they want to gain.


AIRTEL, a leading network service provider with millions of users spread across the length & breadth of the country came up with the idea of helping subscribers on their platform, without hassle, check their phone number.


The process is done via USSD, which means you do not need an internet connection to get it done.




  •  The code which was provided by the Network Service Provider is *121#, Dial It
  • Select 3 – Manage My Account
  • Select 4 – My Number


Once this is done, the mobile number will be displayed to you, and do not forget that it is free of charge. 


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