How To Check Airtel Number

The main objective of this article is to walk you through how to check your Airtel number. The topic became necessary for us to cover when we discovered it’s one of the major dilemmas Airtel subscribers find themselves in.

There are countless reasons not to commit one’s sim number to memory. It could be because it’s not the hotline you’re known with. It could be that the sim is just purposely used for surfing the internet. The list is endless. Oh! Maybe your commit yours to memory, but you forgot. It’s fine, after all, you’re human. We all forget things.

However, there could be a need to check your number at any point in time. Take, for example, maybe you want to do Airtel data subscription. You definitely need to recharge your line to make that happen. Now, the next question is; what is my Airtel number. Perhaps, you’re here because of the same reason.

Airtel Nigeria, being a proactive network provider, knows that subscriber may likely have a need to check their number at any point in time, and as such made provision for it.

Enough of the stories. Now, let’s dive into the ways to check your Airtel number right on your phone.

Three simple Methods To Check Your Airtel Number

There are basically three ways known to us, and they are under discussed in their order of ease.

Method 1: Check with USSD Code

To check your Airtel number;

  • Dial *121#
  • Select “manage my account” from the on-screen options by entering 2
  • Select “my number” from the next on-screen options by entering 4
  • There you have your number on-screen

Method 2: Check Through a Third Party

Here is another simple way of checking your Airtel number. Take the following steps;

  • Dial a friends number with your Airtel number
  • Your number will be displayed on your friend’s phone
  • Get your number in a notepad for future use.

Method 3: Check Through Customer Care

Customer care does nothing but care for customers – they help customers in any way. This isn’t an exception for Airtel customer care, as they come to aid irrespective of your problem.

To check your Airtel number through customer care, you need to contact them. Simply dial 121 or 111 with your Airtel sim. Request to know your number, once a representative connects with you. Be sure to have your number dictated to you or sent via text message.

Now, you know how to check your Airtel number anytime, any day. You really need not doubt the methods highlighted above, as they have been tested and really worked. Feel free to bookmark this page, so you don’t have to ask google when next you need to know your Airtel number.

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