How to Browse With Airtime on AIRTEL 2022 – Pay As You Use

It is popularly known that Airtel offers exciting data plans for its subscribers and they also have one of the strongest bandwidth connections that provide swift browsing on the internet. Many times, your data gets exhausted and you probably have airtime on your line, and would prefer to use it to continue surfing the net till you have enough to purchase a data subscription. 

If you are looking for how to browse with your airtime on Airtel, then this post is just for you. This post aims at teaching you all there is to browsing with your airtime on Airtel. 


The Airtel PAYU (Pay as You Use) is a service that allows you to browse with your airtime at the rate of N3 per MB. As the name PAYU implies, the more you browse the more you are charged. Before now, subscribers could access the internet and its services only through having an active data subscription, but with the Airtel PAYU service, you can now browse the net with your airtime.


The good thing about this services is that;

  • You don’t need an active data subscription to access this, all that is needed is your airtime.
  • Once your data subscription is exhausted, you can continue surfing the net with your airtime.
  • The price rate is quite moderate to bear, N3 = 1 MB
  • You get to easily monitor and know how much you spend while browsing


How To Activate The Pay As You Use On Your Airtel Line


First of all, it is important to note that the “Pay As You Use” is at a rate of N3 per 1MB. That is, for every megabyte of data used, you would be charged N3 each, for example 10 MB cost N30. 


The code to dial to access this service is *400#, after then you would receive a pop up message, confirming your activation. 

Also you can activate this when you are about to purchase a data plan, you would be asked at the last point of your data purchase “what should happen when you data finishes?”, select the continue browsing from your airtime option to active the Airtel PAYU service.

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