Code to Transfer/Share Airtime on Airtel to Airtel Line in 2022

Dear to the heart of millions of subscribers, AIRTEL is no more the fledgling company of yesteryears, as many innovative ideas have been brought out for Users to enjoy coupled with improved services.


One of the results of those innovative ideas is the Airtime Transfer & Share option which AIRTEL now offers to its subscribers, all born out of the will to make things easy for people on the AIRTEL network.


With this, being stranded without airtime or being unable to get through to important people in our lives will be a thing of the past. Transferring & sharing of airtime is done easily through the guide detailed as follows;




  • Ensure there is enough airtime on your AIRTEL Sim
  • Dial *432# 
  • Select 1 – AIRTEL – AIRTEL
  • Enter Recipient’s AIRTEL Number
  • Enter Airtime Amount
  • Enter Transfer PIN
  • Press OK




  • A Transaction costs NGN10 and the daily limit is NGN5000

The Default Transfer PIN is 1234, and can be changed by dialing *432#, selecting 4 – Pin Management, selecting 1 – Change Pin, Enter Current PIN, Enter New Pin, and Press OK.

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