How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

Do you know it’s impossible to share airtime on Airtel? Well, that’s not true because it’s possible. Being a smart red SIM user ties in with using it to its full potential. And no one is getting you informed about the latest if not that goodie two shoe friend of yours. Well, that’s the purpose of this site. My team and I are dedicated to making sure of the best digital experience for everyone. And on this post, we will show you how to transfer airtime on Airtel. The clock is ticking… so let’s get down already.

The greatest thing to have ever happened in the industry is the SHARE possibility. Almost anything can be shared or transferred. But sharing whatever it is, be it airtime or data, shouldn’t be a nightmare. Fortunately, Airtel has made it easier and faster to transfer airtime. However, you must be an active subscriber. What I mean here is, you should keep that red SIM running day in day out. With that accomplished, no one is selling you any special code for Airtel credit transfer. How then do you go about it? Simple. First off, get to know about the ME2U service. What is ME2U? See below.

What Is Airtel Me2U?

Airtel Me2U is simply a service from Airtel that allows the sharing of airtime between subscribers on Airtel. This means you can’t share an Airtel credit with an MTN or Glo or Etisalat user. The question now is, do I need a special code to enjoy this offer? Nope. As long as your SIM card is red, with Airtel written on it, the hat will fit in perfectly. Meanwhile, you may want to run around a bit into the Me2U service details. First is knowing the details And second is knowing how to use it. Let’s spiral go down into the details first.

Details Of Airtel Me2U Offer

Here are the things you should know:

  • Your default ME2U transfer pin is 1234
  • The pin is like a password used for authorizing credit transfer
  • You can change your transfer pin
  • The maximum airtime shared daily is #5,000
  • Each successful transfer costs a #10 charge

See below how to change your Me2U transfer pin.

How To Change The default Me2U Transfer PIN

Everybody knows the default transfer pin and you’d like to play it safe. Coming up with a private pin easy to remember keeps your airtime safe. How then do you go about it?

First off, here is the format: PIN Default-pin new pin.

But here’s the process:

  • Click the message icon on your home screen
  • Click on create a message or write a message
  • Text PIN1234(your new PIN)

For an example: if your new pin is 8855 write PIN12348855

  • Send it to 432
  • You’ll immediately receive a message of PIN Change confirmation.

With that done, how then do you misuse this service? Sorry, I mean how then do you use the Me2u service perfectly? See below.

How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Using  Me2U – Message 

No need for shoehorning. Below is how to use Airtel Me2U service easy and fast.

Here’s the format: 2U-airtel number-amount-PIN.

Here’s an easy guide for airtime transfer on Airtel:

  • Click on the message icon on your home screen
  • Click on create a message or write a message
  • Text: 2U(space)Airtel number(space)amount(space)PIN

For an example: if you want to send #100 to 07012456789 and your PIN is 9090, text:

2U 070123456789 100 9090

  • To 432
  • The number will be credited immediately and a charge of #10 will be deducted
  • You will receive a notification whether the transfer was successful or not.

How To Transfer Credit On Airtel Lines

  • Dial *432# on your phone
  • Select transfer airtime (Input 1 in the field provided and press SEND)
  • Enter the Airtel number of the person you’re transferring to and press SEND
  • Input the amount you wish to transfer and press SEND
  • Enter your PIN and press SEND
  • Your airtime transfer is done!

You will receive a message immediately on the successful transfer of airtime

That done, how about sending an Airtime request to an Airtel subscriber? Yikes! It’s more simple and faster. See it below.

How To Use Airtel Credit Me Service

Yes, that’s what it’s called. Requesting for airtime on Airtel is called the credit Me service. The credit me service allows an airtime subscriber request for airtime from a friend or family on Airtel. It is important to know that this friend or family member is an Airtel user. So how do you save yourself from being stranded? It’s hassle-free. Just dial *141*8*number#. What is meant by *number* here is that of the subscriber you’re sending the credit request to. And good thing is, the “credit me” service is free of charge.

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