Airtel Double Data Code; Everything You Need To Know


Airtel double data code


Looking for Airtel Double Data Code?

Nowadays, virtually everything in the world is done online and Nigeria is no exception. Unlike many other countries out there, data subscription in Nigeria is very expensive. All thanks to Airtel that makes theirs affordable with their double data plan.


The objective of this post is to show you how to enjoy the airtel double data code promo. Do stay with me. 


Who Can Qualify For Double Data On Airtel?


All network providers pride themselves on one thing or the other. Some with their numerous tariff plans and incentives while others with their data bundles. 


Unlike MTN who with their a double data plan, numerous awoof and bonuses, but still can not match the long-life internet connection Airtel users enjoy with the same subscription price on both. 


Airtel double data is mainly preserved for new airtel users. It serves as a welcoming incentive for new subscribers. Though, some old customers can also enjoy the Airtel double data plan but on a selective basis alone. This is to say, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using your Airtel sim card. And not what you’ve spent on subscription so far in the past. All you need as an old Airtel customer to enjoy the double data promo is luck. 


Though, it is possible for those who have enjoyed one or two Airtel promos in the past to be chosen as an old customer to benefit from the double data promo. 


When you buy and register your sim card, immediately you start enjoying the Airtel double data promo for the next six months. You don’t have to dial code or send any messages. As a new customer, you are automatically qualified to enjoy the double data on airtel. 


Subsequently, the Airtel promo doesn’t completely end at the lapse of six months. Airtel offers a 50% bonus on data subscriptions purchased from thereon. That is to say, if you buy a data of 3GB, you will receive an additional 1.5GB as a bonus. Though this is unlike the double data, it is worth an arm too. 


How to check if you’re eligible for double data on airtel. 


As a new customer or user, you are automatically qualified to enjoy any of the Airtel double data plans. 


So, this means when you subscribe for a data plan of 1.5GB you received 3GB worth of data (double data) but with the purchase price of a 1.5GB plan. And also you get 6GB for the purchase of a 3GB data plan with the actual price of the same 3GB. The double data as incentives, reduce the heat of expensive data purchase. 


You can also check as an old customer if your sim is qualified to enjoy the airtel double data promo. Simply send GET to 141. Immediately, Airtel will send you a confirmatory message such as “Dear Customer. Congratulations, you are qualified for the airtel double data” or any such message that may connote you are qualified to enjoy the airtel double data promo. 


But in the situation whereby you are not qualified for the promo, you will receive an SMS with “Dear Customer, this offer is not available for you anymore”. You don’t need to worry much, because these days Airtel selects other old customers to benefit from the double data promo. 


Airtel Double Data Plan; How To Access It.

Airtel double data code

To access the double data plan on Airtel, ensure you follow the following process.


  • Buy a new airtel sim card from a nearby agent or seller. 


  • Make sure you have your sim card properly registered. This will ensure you don’t run the risk of being cut off from using airtel as your network provider. 


  • Insert the registered sim card into your device, which may be your laptop, your smartphones, tab, and modem. 


  • Then recharge the sim card with your preferred airtime. 


  • You can now proceed to purchase a data subscription from Airtel. 


How to Purchase Airtel Double Data Plan.


Depending on the amount of airtime you’ve on your sim card be it 1000 naira or 2000 naira worth. You can even get an Airtel data plan with as low as 200 naira worth of airtime. 


To Purchase The Double Data On Airtel

  • To purchase the Airtel double data plan of 3GB which has 1.5GB as its initial plan. Dial *496# to purchase same for 1000 naira worth of airtime. 


  • To purchase the Airtel double data plan of 7GB which has as its initial plan for old users. Dial *437* to access this offer at a purchase price of 2000 naira worth of airtime. 


  • For 18GB worth of data which initial data plan is 9GB for the purchase price of 4000 naira for the old or ineligible users. Dial *438*1# to access this plan. 


All the above plans are monthly subscription plans. But you can still enjoy the double data promo on a weekly or daily data subscription due to your budget. This you can access by dialing *141# and then you follow through with the prompt by pressing ‘2’ and send for data bundles. Subsequently, there will be a new page, here, you then press ‘1’ for the daily data plan or ‘2’ for the weekly data plan.


Voila, you can now enjoy the Airtel double data promo irrespective of the data subscription you purchase. 


How To Check Your Airtel Double Data Plan Balance


To check your data or bundle balance, dial *140#, Airtel will then send you details of your balance through SMS. 


Knowing how to check your data balance after days or hours (considering the amount of data purchased) of usage to avoid being short charge from your airtime is highly encouraged. 


After successfully purchasing your airtel double data, you can now enjoy unlimited data according to till you’ve exhausted the same. 


Airtel double data plan is elegant, affordable, and easy to get through. 


How To Stop Auto-Renewal


Auto-renew of data is proposed to serve as a relief against having to purchase data subscriptions manually after the expiration of one. But sometimes, auto-renewal is such a jerk that will automatically purchase for you a data subscription. Even when you don’t need the same so far you have enough airtime to complete the transaction. 


To stop, SMS ” STOP” to 141 or call the Airtel Call Center to deactivate the auto-renewal. 



Airtel double data  code is essentially made for users to have access to high-end connection, fast download speed, and less expensive data purchase. As their one-time purchase gives them the result of two two-time purchase.  


For people with a low data budget but who want to enjoy uncensored access to the Internet, Airtel double data is always the best shot. 

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